Coordination Centers in Donetsk region discussed support for IDPs, veterans, and their families

Опубліковано 24 February 2024 року, о 15:55

The Coordination Centers for Civilian Support held meetings at the Myrnohrad and Chasovoyarsk city military administrations, as well as the Mangush village council. The Donetsk regional military administration website states this.

The Coordination Center at the Mangush Village Council brought up the topic of providing social and material assistance to internally displaced persons, war veterans, military personnel, and their families. During their discussion, they talked about the risks of explosive devices, the current state of military registration, and the work of the Mangush Children’s Art Center in the context of war.

During the meeting at the Chasovoyarsk City Military Administration, participants raised questions about the work of the Coordination Center and advisory and coordination centers. They discussed informing the population about temporary residence locations, how the “Points of Invincibility” work in the community, and organizing medical care for residents and IDPs.

The Coordination Center at the Myrnohrad City Military Administration discussed evacuating the community’s population to safer regions of Ukraine.