Forum in Kyiv Discusses Cultural Reintegration in De-Occupied Territories

Опубліковано 30 March 2024 року, о 11:55

Anatoliy Stelmakh, the Deputy Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories, participated in the All-Ukrainian Forum on ‘Cultural and Informational Reintegration of the De-occupied Territories’.

The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy is organizing the event.

The Forum became a platform for developing joint actions by the state, the public, business, and international partners to fully restore the cultural and informational heritage of the DOT.

Anatoliy Stelmakh emphasized that the Ministry of Reintegration’s priority task is to work with the DOT. They are developing legislative mechanisms to ensure the territories’ fastest possible reintegration.

The Ministry of Reintegration, with the participation of stakeholders and representatives of the public sector, has developed a draft Strategy for the Restoration of State Power and Reintegration of the Population of the De-occupied Territories.

The Ministry of Reintegration team, in collaboration with the National Agency for Civil Service, has created a pilot project to establish a personnel reserve for the DOT. This reserve will be available to institutions, organizations, and enterprises in the cultural and information sectors.

“The territories after de-occupation should be integrated into the Ukrainian society, economy, and cultural space as soon as possible,” the representative of the Ministry summed up.