Natalia Belimova from the Luhansk region advises: “Going forward and Don’t lose heart!”

Опубліковано 7 April 2024 року, о 9:26

Natalia had to move twice from her native Luhansk region. She and her husband saw the start of the full-scale invasion in Starobilsk. In March 2022, after the city was occupied, the couple moved to Lutsk.

Natalia completed a course from the Volyn Development NGO and made a lollipop business plan. Donors helped with equipment: they provided a food printer, an induction oven, and utensils.

“When we lived in Lutsk, I was confused. I made candy for my son for the first time. The Internet helped. I found a recipe and made my first lollipops. They were a success. Then I made a few more for relatives and friends. Then I was asked to make 25 patriotic candies for the school fair,” says Natalia.

She makes candy for children’s parties, school fairs, entertainment venues, and large companies in Lutsk. She also gets orders from other places in Ukraine.

Furthermore, she also runs candy-making workshops.

Natalia is on the IDP Council at the Volyn Regional Military Administration and takes part in training and events.