NIB took part in a meeting about how to stop children’s rights being broken

Опубліковано 10 April 2024 року, о 16:20

Valentyna Zozulya, Deputy Director of the National Information Bureau, participated in a joint meeting of the inter-ministerial working group with the heads of the UN system in Ukraine.

The meeting was co-chaired by Daria Gerasymchuk, Advisor to the Presidential Commissioner for Children’s Rights and Child Rehabilitation, and Munir Mammadzade, Head of the UNICEF Representative Office in Ukraine and Co-Chair of the UN National Monitoring and Reporting Group.

The participants engaged in a discussion regarding the outcomes of the Joint Preventive Plan’s implementation, which aims to prevent and address the impact of gross violations against children resulting from the armed aggression of the russian federation against Ukraine.

Furthermore, they evaluated the feasibility of implementing the Children and Armed Conflict mandate.

The meeting attendees acknowledged that the actions and initiatives already undertaken in Ukraine, along with future endeavors, will serve as a model for the implementation of preventive measures to safeguard children in armed conflicts in other countries.

The Children and Armed Conflict mechanism is part of the Bring Kids Back UA plan, approved by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.