Another child separated from his parents by war is returned

Опубліковано 16 April 2024 року, о 19:39

The Ministry of Reintegration helped return 5-year-old Maksym to government-controlled territory.

The boy was residing with his grandparents in the Zaporizhzhia region. When the full-scale russian invasion commenced, the village where they resided came under occupation. The parents were unable to take the child with them.

For two years, Maksym was without the support of his closest relatives. Due to security concerns, his mother and father were unable to accompany him to the temporarily occupied territory. The grandmother was similarly reluctant to take her grandson out due to the prevalence of russian checkpoints in almost every village.

Eventually, Maksym’s mother contacted the Ministry of Reintegration’s 15-48 hotline. Natalia Yemets, a representative of the Ministry of Reintegration, and Anastasia Khaliulova, co-coordinator of the Way Home project, developed an action plan and a return route.

The boy is back with his parents. He’ll turn six in May.

The Ministry of Reintegration thanks the Ukrainian Child Rights Network and everyone who helped with this case. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, 86 children have been returned to Ukraine as of April 16, 2024.

If you see children being taken to the TOT or russia, report it to Natalia Yemets on (050) 562-03-13. You can also call the hotlines: Call the Ministry of Reintegration on 15-48 or the National Information Bureau on 16-48.