The curriculum should be adapted for children who are abroad

Опубліковано 20 April 2024 року, о 13:04

Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk said this in an interview with Inter TV during her visit to Brussels.

The official noted that she had held several meetings with Ukrainian nationals residing or temporarily present in Geneva, Warsaw, and Brussels. Among the concerns raised, a significant number pertained to educational issues.

In particular, our students studying abroad must be provided with sufficient textbooks, including those required for the Ukrainian component. These include textbooks on Ukrainian language, history, literature, and law, among others.

Furthermore, there is a requirement to modify the curriculum for students studying abroad and in Ukrainian schools. This will facilitate more effective learning and reduce the overall workload. Furthermore, it will facilitate the maintenance of ties with the Ukrainian environment.

“We need to keep children connected to Ukraine. That’s why we should teach them Ukrainian language, literature, history, and other subjects in accessible, adapted programs with enough textbooks,” the Vice Prime Minister said.