The government is looking to make it easier for citizens to confirm their ownership of real estate in TOT

Опубліковано 27 June 2024 року, о 9:58

Many IDPs who moved from the temporary occupation to government-controlled territory still have property on the TOT. This includes those whose housing on the TOT was destroyed due to hostilities.

In the future, IDPs whose property in the TOT was destroyed may claim compensation for their lost housing at the expense of future reparations that russia must pay for all destruction and crimes.

To do this, they need to enter information about the housing in the Register of Damage. However, the procedure might get more complicated if IDPs can’t prove they own their property in the TOT because they’ve lost title documents or other things.

The topic was on the agenda at a recent meeting on IDP housing, chaired by Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk.

The main issue is that it’s not possible to confirm who owns the property left in the TOT because we don’t have access to the documents of the local Technical Inventory Bureaus in the communities in the territories under temporary occupation.

The Vice Prime Minister asked the Ministry of Justice, the State Service of Ukraine for Geodesy, Cartography, Cadastre, and other relevant agencies to come up with ways to make it easier for people to register the ownership of property in the TOT. This will help IDPs return their title documents and enter information about their destroyed housing in the TOT into the Register of Damage.

“The enemy destroyed thousands of houses and apartments in the TOT. We need to help IDPs confirm their property rights so they can claim compensation from russian reparations in the future,” said Iryna Vereshchuk.