The colonizers of Crimea are getting nervous

Опубліковано 10 February 2023 року, о 13:40

This was reported by the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine (DIU). The colonizers are panicking and applying preventive increased security measures.

The DIU draws such conclusions based on the decision of the occupation “authorities” of Crimea and the local branch of the FSB to establish a high (“yellow”) level of terrorist threat.

This decision applies to a number of settlements on the peninsula. It also applies to transport infrastructure, housing and municipal services, water management, healthcare, industry, and the fuel and energy sector.

The FSB and the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs units in Crimea are put on high alert. They are ordered to “strengthen control over the movement of transport on the peninsula, … the movement of Russian citizens and foreigners and the mandatory registration of temporary residence”.

Units of the occupational Ministry of Emergency Situations are urgently preparing for “rescue operations”. And local administrations must provide places for “temporary accommodation of people”.

In turn, health care facilities are being adapted to “provide emergency assistance” and “medical evacuation”.

“Such “security measures” by the occupiers are a sign of preparation for the start of the operation to liberate Crimea by the Ukrainian Defense Forces,” the DIU believes.

The Ministry of Reintegration of Ukraine is calling on the population of Crimea to be careful and attentive. Do not succumb to provocations, stay calm, avoid crowded places and, if possible, do not stay near Russian military and strategic facilities.

Crimea is Ukraine!