The presidential administration presented two new documents on strengthening energy sanctions and confiscating russian assets abroad

Опубліковано 12 September 2023 року, о 11:47

The international working group on sanctions against russia, headed by the head of the Presidential Administration Andriy Yermak and former US National Security Advisor Ambassador Michael McFaul, has prepared two new documents: on strengthening energy sanctions and on the importance of confiscating Russian state reserves. The website of the President of Ukraine reported this.


Currently, energy sanctions against aggressors are inadequate. The new document includes proposals to strengthen them. That would cut Russian energy revenues by at least half.

One of the proposals in the document is the further limitation of the price of russian oil. And a limit on the use of the shadow fleet for their transportation. To this end, there are plans to introduce a requirement for tankers to have proof of adequate oil spill insurance.


The second document discusses the importance of confiscating russia’s international reserves frozen by leading countries. The main subject in this process should be the Central Bank of russia. The russian government should use its funds to pay for the reconstruction of Ukraine.


According to the document, the proposed process of confiscating russian state funds is not only completely ethical but also legally binding by the principle of international law on state responsibility.