We aim to improve the mental health of Ukrainians

Опубліковано 2 October 2023 року, о 10:24

This was the subject of discussion at a meeting of the Interdepartmental Coordination Council for Mental Health and Psychological Assistance to Victims of the Armed Aggression of Russia against Ukraine.


Members of the Coordination Council, including Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk and Health Minister Viktor Liashko, participated in the event. Deputy Head of the Presidential Office Yulia Sokolovska and representatives from central executive authorities, ministries, and regional military administrations also attended the meeting.


The meeting approved the model of interagency coordination in the field of psychosocial assistance within the framework of the implementation of the All-Ukrainian Mental Health Program.


Currently, we are making an effort to ensure that mental health services are accessible to all individuals by working closely with the Regional Military Administration and local governments. This problem is now more vital since the start of a full-scale war in Ukraine.


The Interagency Coordination Council’s co-chairs stressed the significance of granting citizens from each region access to psychiatric aid. Improving the mental and emotional wellness of Ukrainians is a key priority today. Meeting the challenges faced by the state on this path demands an organized, all-encompassing strategy, ongoing communication, and unity.


To speed up this process, Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk proposed sharing successful experiences of carrying out these types of actions in the regions. Cooperating with international organizations is a valuable experience. It helps everyone work together towards a shared goal.


“We require a unified state policy in the field of mental health. As a result, I urge the regions to participate more actively in its execution. Let’s follow the lead of our First Lady, who shows the world why Ukraine needs assistance through her words and actions. Together, let’s make it happen,” the official concluded.