Консультації з громадськістю

Номер Дата Назва документа
1 2024.06.06 In May, $3.2 billion was allocated for IDP payments
2 2024.06.05 Six more kids have come back from the temporarily occupied territories
3 2024.06.05 The Ministry of Reintegration has entered into a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Alliance of Ukrainian Civil Society Organizations
4 2024.06.05 The Cabinet of Ministers honors UN Resident Coordinator in Ukraine Denise Brown
5 2024.06.05 The project, “Improvement of Living Conditions of IDPs,” is continuing to rebuild houses destroyed as a result of hostilities
6 2024.06.04 Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine has launched a portal containing information on russian and belarusian officials involved in the deportation of Ukrainian children
7 2024.06.04 The sixth train from the Donetsk region arrives in the Rivne region
8 2024.06.04 The government is extending the passport service of SE “Document” for Ukrainians abroad
9 2024.06.04 Construction of the Borodyanka rehabilitation center in the Kyiv region is ongoing
10 2024.06.04 The government is collecting data on how to help vulnerable people in the winter
11 2024.06.03 Applications for a grant program for small and medium-sized businesses in four regions have been launched
12 2024.06.03 Since February 2022, children in frontline areas have been in bomb shelters for 3,000 to 5,000 hours
13 2024.06.03 3% mortgage: next IDP family loan selection in June
14 2024.06.03 In June, the Rivne region will host evacuees from the Donetsk region
15 2024.06.02 Highlights for 27 May – 2 June
16 2024.06.02 A new service for finding accessible places has been launched
17 2024.06.01 An IDP from Donetsk Oblast won a grant twice and started making embroidered shirts
18 2024.06.01 Argentina joins the International Coalition for the Return of Ukrainian Children
19 2024.06.01 Today is Children’s Day
20 2024.05.31 Lviv Main Railway Station will be the first fully barrier-free terminal in Ukraine
21 2024.05.31 Work to help the population should be split into short-term and long-term plans
22 2024.05.31 Payment for housing to some veterans and their families is complete
23 2024.05.31 Another 75 Ukrainians freed from captivity
24 2024.05.31 Ukraine returned the bodies of 212 defenders
25 2024.05.31 Russia stole 1,700 tons of Ukrainian grain and other products in the TOT
26 2024.05.31 The humanitarian response in the Kharkiv region is to help people and businesses
27 2024.05.30 The functioning of temporary accommodation facilities for IDPs has improved
28 2024.05.30 The government has made it easier to build artesian wells for healthcare facilities in Kharkiv Oblast
29 2024.05.30 Solutions are being developed to provide housing for IDPs sustainably
30 2024.05.30 Safety cartoons for children with hearing impairments are shown on the Kyiv metro
31 2024.05.29 Veterans and their families can join a new grant program and receive 100,000 UAH for business development
32 2024.05.29 The information campaign “Letters to a Free Crimea” continues
33 2024.05.29 Explanation of the amendments to the list of areas where hostilities are (were) carried out or temporarily occupied
34 2024.05.28 We must prepare for the further withdrawal of Ukrainian troops now because this is what we are fighting for
35 2024.05.28 Ukrainians can report damage to their homes to the International Register of Damage using the Diia app or portal. This is stated on the Government portal.
36 2024.05.28 The IDP Council at Rivne RMA has published a report on its work
37 2024.05.28 Free passports issued to orphans and children deprived of parental care abroad
38 2024.05.28 A meeting of agencies is discussing ways to keep generators running in frontline regions
39 2024.05.27 The Deputy Minister of Reintegration of the TOT participates in the Summit “Veteran’s Path from Military Service to Civilian Life”
40 2024.05.27 Focus more on russia’s violations of international law
41 2024.05.27 The Ministry of Reintegration gave almost 60 million to regional budgets for IDP accommodation
42 2024.05.26 An IDP from Mariupol opens a coffee shop in Ivano-Frankivsk
43 2024.05.26 A Youth Hub opened in Poltava
44 2024.05.26 Volyn region got the first group of children from foster families in Kharkiv Oblast
45 2024.05.25 Condolences to the families of the victims of russian terrorists in Kharkiv
46 2024.05.25 The first charity event for the Friends of ″Azov Angels″ was held in Kyiv
47 2024.05.25 How to help relatives in the frontline areas
48 2024.05.25 Denmark is sending aid to the Sumy region
49 2024.05.25 Over UAH 76 million for March Shelter payments
50 2024.05.24 We successfully returned 13 children to their parents or legal guardians who had been separated
51 2024.05.24 The Kharkiv region is currently the focus of a humanitarian response
52 2024.05.24 The TOT, active combat areas, and abroad will see significant changes for male students
53 2024.05.24 The Verkhovna Rada approved the government’s draft law on banks disclosing more information
54 2024.05.23 The Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian Social Investment Fund convened for a meeting
55 2024.05.23 We make dormitories more comfortable for people with limited mobility and the elderly
56 2024.05.23 23 May – Heroes’ Day
57 2024.05.22 The Government has initiated a process to reimburse farmers for the expenses incurred in demining their agricultural land at the DOT
58 2024.05.22 The special institutions should be moved from dangerous areas in the Kharkiv and Sumy regions
59 2024.05.22 Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk attends a forum on education for young people from TOT
60 2024.05.21 Ukraine develops free mobile game in the Crimean Tatar language
61 2024.05.21 Frontline communities will get 10 tons of seeds for the planting season
62 2024.05.21 Grants for businesses: the state supports veterans and their families
63 2024.05.21 People who leave dangerous areas in the Kharkiv region are entitled to IDP payments
64 2024.05.20 Vulnerable families from Kharkiv and Sumy will get extra money
65 2024.05.20 Blood donations are needed in Kharkiv. How you can help.
66 2024.05.20 Building strong Three Seas cooperation
67 2024.05.20 Medicines are in short supply in the occupied territories
68 2024.05.20 The Kharkiv region has declared a day of mourning
69 2024.05.19 The story of an IDP from Mariupol who achieved her ambition
70 2024.05.19 A mobile pharmacy has been launched in the Kyiv region
71 2024.05.19 Farmers in affected areas will get free sunflower seeds
72 2024.05.19 19 May – Day of Remembrance of Victims of Political Repression
73 2024.05.18 How to avoid an electrical overload in an apartment?
74 2024.05.18 Which housing subsidy and benefit recipients must apply for an extension by 1 July?
75 2024.05.18 It is important to ensure that citizens evacuating with pets are supported
76 2024.05.18 Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk visited Kharkiv to discuss humanitarian support and cooperation with international partners
77 2024.05.18 May 18th is the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Genocide of the Crimean Tatar People
78 2024.05.17 The art exhibition “For Crimea” opened in Kyiv
79 2024.05.17 All procedures must be in place to evacuate civilians from the border to Kharkiv
80 2024.05.17 Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk met with Belgian officials
81 2024.05.16 A humanitarian response plan for the Kharkiv region is being developed in collaboration with international partners
82 2024.05.16 Today is Vyshyvanka Day!
83 2024.05.15 A 17-year-old boy came back from the occupied territory
84 2024.05.15 Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk inspects the evacuation hub in Kharkiv
85 2024.05.15 May 15 – International Day of Family
86 2024.05.15 The Ukrainian government has invested 8 billion UAH in the eRobota program, to support the growth of small and medium-sized businesses
87 2024.05.14 The government approved a procedure for identifying and returning children deported due to armed aggression
88 2024.05.14 Iryna Vereshchuk welcomed attendees to the veterans’ forum in Volyn
89 2024.05.14 The Ministry of Reintegration’s strategy relies on the effectiveness of its coordination centers
90 2024.05.13 The Ministry of Reintegration and the UN Cluster talked about plans for the next autumn-winter season
91 2024.05.13 The results of the inspection of the conditions of stay of evacuated Ukrainian children in Romania
92 2024.05.13 The pilot project on inspecting destroyed housing in the TOT is effective and should be expanded
93 2024.05.12 Civilians are still being evacuated from the border in northern Kharkiv due to shelling
94 2024.05.12 Interacting with social media during the war: practical advice from ” How are you?”
95 2024.05.12 The first adaptation space for internally displaced persons (IDPs) has been opened in Kharkiv
96 2024.05.12 Occupants in TOT take away housing: What Human Rights Activists recommend
97 2024.05.12 A woman from Enerhodar opened a souvenir shop in Zaporizhzhia
98 2024.05.12 May 12 – Mother’s Day
99 2024.05.11 Another evacuation train has arrived in Volyn from the Donetsk region
100 2024.05.11 The UK is giving more money to help Ukraine with energy
101 2024.05.11 Small and medium-sized businesses in Poltava can get grants to start up
102 2024.05.11 How can you help someone whose family is at war?
103 2024.05.11 The Ministry of Reintegration’s employees donated blood for wounded soldiers
104 2024.05.11 $2.6 billion was allocated for IDP payments in April
105 2024.05.10 One of the Ministry of Reintegration’s key objectives is to foster collaboration with international donors
106 2024.05.10 The government is spending over UAH 71 million to provide free accommodation for IDPs in institutions
107 2024.05.09 Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk attended the Second International Summit of Cities and Regions
108 2024.05.09 The Ministry of Reintegration maintains close coordination with regional and local authorities
109 2024.05.09 The Second International Summit of Cities and Regions takes place in Kyiv
110 2024.05.09 The UN Committee says that forcing Crimean residents to become russian citizens is a human rights violation
111 2024.05.09 Today is Europe Day
112 2024.05.08 Denmark allocated funds for humanitarian aid to Ukraine
113 2024.05.08 International humanitarian law should be taught in schools
114 2024.05.08 The approved list of areas where hostilities are (were) carried out or temporarily occupied
115 2024.05.07 The government has settled how to pay for leasing state and municipal property during martial law
116 2024.05.07 Ministry of Reintegration employees donated blood for wounded soldiers
117 2024.05.06 Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry urges not to recognize putin as a legitimate president of russia
118 2024.05.06 Banks have issued over UAH 35 billion in affordable loans since the start of the year
119 2024.05.06 It’s now easier to find out the status of a disabled person or a family member of a fallen defender
120 2024.05.05 Since the beginning of the year, a record number of individual entrepreneurs have opened in Ukraine
121 2024.05.05 A gym for veterans and military opened in Kyiv
122 2024.05.05 Happy family reunion: 11-year-old boy back from the occupied territory
123 2024.05.05 From raincoats for the military to clothes for brands: the success story of an IDP from Luhansk Oblast
124 2024.05.05 Please be aware of another fraudulent scheme
125 2024.05.05 A series on interacting with combat veterans has been released in Ukraine
126 2024.05.05 Happy Easter!
127 2024.05.04 Information was collected to help IDPs find jobs
128 2024.05.04 A center for displaced youth opened in Zaporizhzhia
129 2024.05.04 Over UAH 76 million for regular Shelter payments
130 2024.05.03 Volyn gets an evacuation train from Donetsk
131 2024.05.03 The government is using money to fix a road on the Ukrainian-Polish border
132 2024.05.03 The meeting of the Coordination Center in Lviv region focused on the functioning of temporary accommodation places for IDPs
133 2024.05.02 Iryna Vereshchuk visits a school in Kyiv where IDP children study
134 2024.05.02 How to protect your mental health from negative news
135 2024.05.02 Mental health centers opened in Kyiv region
136 2024.05.02 Those who receive a pension from Oschadbank can be identified through a video call with the bank’s contact center
137 2024.05.02 The winners of the “Grant for Your Own Business” program will receive 127 million UAH to start and develop their businesses
138 2024.05.01 Mental Health Awareness Month Started in Ukraine
139 2024.05.01 The results of the project “Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Economic Integration of IDPs and Business Recovery”
140 2024.05.01 Three brothers were returned from the occupied territory
141 2024.05.01 The State Register of Sanctions includes over 17,000 people and organizations
142 2024.04.20 The Social Services of Kharkiv Region application is now available for residents of the region’s communities
143 2024.04.20 The Ministry of Reintegration’s Working Group develops proposals for the draft State Policy Strategy on IDP housing rights
144 2024.04.20 The curriculum should be adapted for children who are abroad
145 2024.04.20 Today is International Volunteer Day
146 2024.04.19 The occupation administrations of Donetsk and Luhansk are taking away housing. What should be done?
147 2024.04.19 Together, we bring Ukrainian children home
148 2024.04.19 How IDPs get their pensions through Oschadbank
149 2024.04.18 Switzerland will give Ukraine 5 billion Swiss francs to help it recover by 2036
150 2024.04.18 An IDP from the Donetsk region gave birth to a child during the evacuation
151 2024.04.18 Modular houses for disabled IDPs in Vinnytsia region
152 2024.04.18 The European Parliament recently hosted a screening of the film “20 Days in Mariupol”
153 2024.04.17 Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk met with Ukrainians in Belgium
154 2024.04.17 A Polish delegation is visiting Borodyanka to discuss the establishment of a Ukrainian-Polish prosthetics center
155 2024.04.17 What if you’re trapped with your child in the rubble?
156 2024.04.17 Brussels discussed the humanitarian response in Ukraine
157 2024.04.16 Another child separated from his parents by war is returned
158 2024.04.16 The UN Migration Agency doesn’t expect more asylum seekers from Ukraine
159 2024.04.16 Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk attended a NATO-Ukraine Council meeting
160 2024.04.15 Farmers from the front line and affected areas can get corn seeds for free
161 2024.04.15 A new center for veterans will open soon in Chernivtsi
162 2024.04.15 Communities should prepare to welcome demobilized veterans
163 2024.04.14 “Ultra Babusya”
164 2024.04.14 Prime Minister: Let’s make it our society’s philosophy to buy Ukrainian goods
165 2024.04.13 The Coordination Center in Chernivtsi has become a valuable resource for supporting IDPs and veterans
166 2024.04.13 In Chernivtsi, Iryna Vereshchuk visits a center for the support of women and children
167 2024.04.13 April 13th is Armorer’s Day
168 2024.04.13 Vitse baş nazir İrına Vereşçuk “Cenk vaqtında bölgelerniñ yaşayışı” forumında iştirak etti
169 2024.04.12 The government has implemented significant changes to the issuance of passports for status children outside Ukraine
170 2024.04.12 Ukraine returned the bodies of 99 defenders
171 2024.04.12 Local authorities can exempt businesses from local taxes in frontline areas
172 2024.04.12 We must support Kharkiv
173 2024.04.12 The Presidium of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities under the President of Ukraine convened for an offsite meeting
174 2024.04.11 Save electricity in the evening
175 2024.04.11 The composition of the family unit will be taken into account when calculating IDP payments
176 2024.04.11 IDP foster parents in family-type children’s homes can get help with rent
177 2024.04.11 Veterans will be eligible for business grants to assist them in launching their businesses
178 2024.04.11 In Dnipropetrovsk region, the State Bureau of Investigation detains city council leaders on bribes for renting premises for IDPs
179 2024.04.11 Ukrzaliznytsia’s kitchen train is responsible for preparing lunches in Kharkiv region
180 2024.04.10 Presenting the Draft Strategy for Restoring State Power and Reintegrating the Population of the De-occupied Territories
181 2024.04.10 The number of children receiving free healthcare at Artek will increase
182 2024.04.10 The approved list of areas where hostilities are (were) carried out or temporarily occupied
183 2024.04.10 NIB took part in a meeting about how to stop children’s rights being broken
184 2024.04.10 It is important to choose the right words when offering support to a person
185 2024.04.09 There is an urgent need to implement a unified electronic record of Ukrainian students studying abroad
186 2024.04.09 Veterans’ assistants will be trained to become specialists in supporting war veterans and demobilized persons
187 2024.04.09 The Ministry of Reintegration has given more than UAH 129 million to help IDPs
188 2024.04.08 The program of free dentistry for combatants and veterans should be implemented as soon as possible
189 2024.04.08 Pension and social benefit recipients at Oschadbank who have been identified can now use their bank cards
190 2024.04.08 Ukrainian schools abroad need new curricula and textbooks
191 2024.04.08 About $70 million for January payments under the “Shelter” program
192 2024.04.08 The Ukrainian-Polish Center for Prosthetics for Veterans: First Results
193 2024.04.07 Last year, the Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund gave $181 million for humanitarian aid
194 2024.04.07 Centers helping IDPs from the Donetsk region
195 2024.04.07 Ukraine’s partners have given more than $700 million for humanitarian demining
196 2024.04.07 Natalia Belimova from the Luhansk region advises: “Going forward and Don’t lose heart!”
197 2024.04.06 Employers will receive compensation for hiring IDPs
198 2024.04.06 The NIB leadership met with the ICRC
199 2024.04.06 Medical institutions are now accepting applications for free dental prosthetics for veterans
200 2024.04.06 Displaced persons with disabilities receive their payments from March, even if the application is processed in May
201 2024.04.06 Four additional ground shelters have been installed near PrivatBank branches in the Donetsk region
202 2024.04.05 Children were forcibly evacuated from two localities in the Sumy region
203 2024.04.05 Teachers working in Ukrainian educational institutions in Poland need to have their teaching experience credited
204 2024.04.05 Be careful! Fake information
205 2024.04.05 Entrepreneurs have received almost 23 billion UAH in affordable loans since the beginning of the year
206 2024.04.04 New admission mechanisms for TOT applicants to universities are under discussion
207 2024.04.04 Shelters are being set up near the branches of PrivatBank in the Donetsk region
208 2024.04.04 In the Hungarian capital, Ukrainian asylum seekers still receive free transportation
209 2024.04.04 Today is the International Day for Mine Risk Education and Assistance in Mine Action
210 2024.04.03 Transcarpathia welcomed students from a rehabilitation center in Donetsk region
211 2024.04.03 The State Lyceum ‘International Ukrainian School’ and the Association ‘Ukrainian Women in Switzerland’ start cooperation
212 2024.04.03 A space for psychosocial support has been opened in the Zhytomyr region
213 2024.04.03 We must build housing for citizens affected by war on time
214 2024.04.03 The Crimean Tatar people’s representatives are invited to participate in free advocacy training
215 2024.04.02 Students from the rehabilitation center in the Donetsk region have arrived in Zakarpattia, along with their parents and other people who care for them
216 2024.04.02 The authorities returned a 16-year-old resident of Kyiv from the temporarily occupied territory
217 2024.04.02 IDPs and families of war victims in Ternopil can receive micro-grants to start their businesses
218 2024.04.01 Contacts for psychological support for veterans
219 2024.04.01 Beware of fraudulent people!
220 2024.04.01 During her visit to Warsaw, Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk met with representatives of Ukrainian NGOs. What was discussed during the meeting?
221 2024.04.01 There are more places where IDPs can stay temporarily
222 2024.04.01 The Ministry of Reintegration’s 2024-2026 strategy is approved
223 2024.03.31 Mobile offices in Munich offer passport document services to Ukrainians
224 2024.03.31 The Ukrainian Red Cross launched another mobile medical team in the Sumy region
225 2024.03.31 Sweden allocated funds for humanitarian aid to Ukraine
226 2024.03.31 Chatbot launched for veterans of Khmelnytsky region and their families
227 2024.03.31 Displaced sisters from Bakhmut rebuild hairdressing business
228 2024.03.30 All Oschadbank payment cards are now valid until the end of September
229 2024.03.30 Mental Health Support Center “Mental Hub” was opened in Poltava
230 2024.03.30 Forum in Kyiv Discusses Cultural Reintegration in De-Occupied Territories
231 2024.03.30 Poland should be our strategic partner in developing economic and trade relations and in the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine
232 2024.03.29 The Government has addressed the issue of preventing the eviction of vulnerable categories of IDPs from temporary shelters
233 2024.03.29 IDPs require more social housing programs
234 2024.03.29 Joint customs and border control can help resolve many issues in Ukrainian-Polish relations
235 2024.03.29 The European Union still limits the import of russian grain
236 2024.03.28 Poland’s experience of joining NATO and the EU can be useful for Ukraine
237 2024.03.28 Algorithm for obtaining compensation when employing IDPs
238 2024.03.28 How to support your body in spring?
239 2024.03.27 Poland can be an example for Ukraine in local government reform
240 2024.03.27 Most Ukrainians believe that mental health requires more attention
241 2024.03.27 The approved list of areas where hostilities are (were) carried out or temporarily occupied
242 2024.03.26 Iryna Vereshchuk believes in a sustainable partnership between Ukraine and Poland
243 2024.03.26 The winners of the “Grant for Your Own Business” program will receive 113 million UAH to start and develop their businesses
244 2024.03.26 Lviv now has Ukraine’s first rehabilitation center for both veterans and civilians
245 2024.03.26 March 26 – Day of National Guard of Ukraine
246 2024.03.25 What to take with you when evacuating
247 2024.03.25 Veterans and combatants can receive free vocational training
248 2024.03.24 The initial train for evacuation from Donetsk arrived in Rivne
249 2024.03.24 How combatants can receive benefits for utilities
250 2024.03.24 A chatbot called ‘Legal Advisor for IDPs 2.0’ has been launched for Ukrainians in Poland
251 2024.03.24 How to support a person who has experienced grief
252 2024.03.24 This story is about an immigrant from Luhansk region who ran a democratic school in Odessa
253 2024.03.23 Ukrzaliznytsia has launched a kitchen train in the Kharkiv region to provide hot food and support to the affected population
254 2024.03.23 9 more children returned from TOT
255 2024.03.23 A hotline to support veterans has been launched
256 2024.03.23 Because of the security situation in three settlements in the Sumy region, children will be evacuated by force
257 2024.03.23 NIB met with representatives from ODIHR
258 2024.03.22 The government has allocated over 156 million UAH to compensate for the free accommodation of IDPs in institutions
259 2024.03.22 Relocated companies can extend their loans
260 2024.03.22 The approved list of areas where hostilities are (were) carried out or temporarily occupied
261 2024.03.22 Our goal is to help people
262 2024.03.21 The Verkhovna Rada transferred the powers of the local regional council to the Zaporizhzhia Regional State Administration
263 2024.03.21 The government is developing regulatory changes to support businesses that have been relocated
264 2024.03.21 Lithuania is increasing its oversight of grain imports from russia and belarus
265 2024.03.21 The U.S. House of Representatives has condemned russia’s illegal abduction of Ukrainian children
266 2024.03.21 People who have been evacuated should not return home until it is safe
267 2024.03.20 The International Coalition for the Return of Ukrainian Children currently has 33 member countries
268 2024.03.20 Effective methods of employing internally displaced persons (IDPs) have been developed in Mykolaiv region
269 2024.03.20 The government has approved a plan to implement the EU financial support program for Ukraine
270 2024.03.20 Evacuated residents of Donetsk region will be hosted in Volyn and Rivne regions
271 2024.03.20 Becoming a Foster Parent in Ukraine
272 2024.03.19 The story is about a fighter with the call sign ‘Data’, 10 years of resistance
273 2024.03.19 Teachers who are currently working abroad need a mechanism to receive credit for their experience
274 2024.03.19 Healthcare institutions have submitted applications to participate in the project providing free dental prosthetics for veterans
275 2024.03.18 On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Crimean Resistance, there was an art event at a school in Kyiv
276 2024.03.18 The government is expanding the list of categories of IDPs eligible for state aid
277 2024.03.18 European Parliament members are discussing measures to bring back Ukrainian children who were deported illegally
278 2024.03.17 Families of servicemen in Ivano-Frankivsk will receive free assistance with minor household repairs
279 2024.03.17 Lviv has launched an educational hub for young people
280 2024.03.17 “New Kitchen” in a New Place: The Business Story of a Couple of IDPs from Mariupol
281 2024.03.17 The government has increased the amount of state social assistance available to children of fallen volunteer defenders
282 2024.03.17 Holding pseudo-elections in the TOT creates grounds for not recognizing putin as the president of russia
283 2024.03.16 More than 90,000 IDPs have applied for an extension of government assistance
284 2024.03.16 What residents of the TOT should do during the pseudo-elections of the occupation?
285 2024.03.16 The approved list of areas where hostilities are (were) carried out or temporarily occupied
286 2024.03.16 Ukraine and Poland will build confidence in grain transit through joint customs and border control
287 2024.03.15 The Ukrainian government has decided to introduce an award for individuals who have made a special contribution to the development of the Crimean Tatar language
288 2024.03.15 The Ministry of Reintegration will monitor violations of international humanitarian law in Ukraine
289 2024.03.15 The government has approved a procedure for reintegrating, adapting, and supporting people who have been released from captivity
290 2024.03.15 Social protection specialists can join the personnel reserve for work at the DOT
291 2024.03.15 Ukraine leads the world in organizing humanitarian responses
292 2024.03.15 Ukraine returns the bodies of 100 defenders
293 2024.03.15 Do not attend the fraudulent elections in TOT
294 2024.03.14 Three other children were returned from the temporarily occupied territory
295 2024.03.14 A center for prosthetics for veterans will be established in Ukraine, with a focus on Polish-Ukrainian collaboration
296 2024.03.14 The world should not recognize Putin as the President of the russian federation
297 2024.03.14 We need to pay salaries to employees of preschool groups in special and sanatorium schools in Kharkiv region as soon as possible
298 2024.03.14 The Ukrainian Volunteer Day
299 2024.03.13 Oschadbank’s mobile units have begun operating in five frontline regions
300 2024.03.13 A woman in the Kherson region has been served a notice of suspicion for collaboration
301 2024.03.13 The European Parliament has urgently called for an embargo on agricultural products from russia
302 2024.03.13 A Polish farmer should not view a Ukrainian farmer as an enemy
303 2024.03.13 The Administrative Service Centers will be a single location where veterans and their families can access all the services they need
304 2024.03.12 Since the start of the year, banks have provided more than 15 billion hryvnias in affordable loans to businesses
305 2024.03.12 Non-governmental organizations can receive a grant to offer mental health services
306 2024.03.12 How to apply for family member status of a fallen Ukrainian defender
307 2024.03.12 What state support is provided for family-type children’s homes?
308 2024.03.11 The Ukrainian-Polish Intergovernmental Commission held a meeting
309 2024.03.11 The Ukrainian and Polish delegations placed flowers at Lviv’s Lychakiv Cemetery
310 2024.03.11 The Ukrainian-Polish Intergovernmental Commission held a meeting in Lviv
311 2024.03.11 Mine Safety for children: Useful videos
312 2024.03.10 Integration Hub for IDPs Established in Lviv
313 2024.03.10 Mobile teams help repair homes damaged by fighting in Kharkiv region
314 2024.03.10 From Donetsk to Kirovohrad: The Story of Natalia Haicheni’s Relocated Business
315 2024.03.10 Lutsk has opened a new socio-cultural space for IDPs
316 2024.03.09 The children’s sanatorium in the Ivano-Frankivsk region has received international humanitarian aid
317 2024.03.09 Five EU countries are calling for a ban on grain imports from russia and belarus
318 2024.03.09 In Ternopil region, a department for IDPs was opened in a geriatric nursing home
319 2024.03.09 You can now apply for one-time financial assistance from the Ministry of Veterans Affairs through Administrative Service Centers
320 2024.03.09 The United States has joined the International Coalition for the Return of Ukrainian Children Deported by russia
321 2024.03.08 Resolution on forced evacuation of children from two dangerous communities in Kharkiv region
322 2024.03.08 Mobile pharmacy launched in Mykolaiv region
323 2024.03.08 Ways to show appreciation to a veteran
324 2024.03.07 Due to the security situation, children in four settlements in the Donetsk region are being evacuated by force
325 2024.03.07 The relocated Luhansk State Medical University develops a development strategy
326 2024.03.07 Additional vouchers for children from frontline areas to visit ‘Artek’
327 2024.03.07 In February, the Ministry of Reintegration received over 42,000 appeals through their hotlines
328 2024.03.06 Who can get guardianship or custody of a child and what needs to be done
329 2024.03.06 The story of Server Mustafayev , 10 years of resistance
330 2024.03.06 The government is considering extending the deadline for IDP applications
331 2024.03.05 The project aims to improve the housing conditions of IDPs by reconstructing five houses in the Kyiv region
332 2024.03.05 Farmers who have assets remaining in the TOT or active hostilities area can freeze repayment of state loans
333 2024.03.05 Internal migrants may be eligible for a subsidy
334 2024.03.05 The “Ukrposhta. Pharmac” project will be implemented in seven frontline regions
335 2024.03.04 In February, 5.8 billion hryvnias were allocated for IDP payments
336 2024.03.04 Slovakia has extended temporary protection for Ukrainians for one year
337 2024.03.04 Taxation in potential areas of conflict
338 2024.03.04 Relocated higher education institutions may be eligible for a grant of up to $25,000
339 2024.03.04 IDPs need more affordable housing programs
340 2024.03.03 A hotline has been launched in the Dnipropetrovsk region to provide temporary housing for IDPs.
341 2024.03.03 Poland extends temporary protection to Ukrainian asylum seekers
342 2024.03.03 Oschadbank launched a mobile branch in the Kherson region
343 2024.03.03 Heartwarming Activity: The Story of Yulia Ishchenko, Sievierodonetsk
344 2024.03.02 Communities in the Lviv region are prepared to collaborate with international partners to assist victims of war
345 2024.03.02 How to communicate with parents raising a child with a disability
346 2024.03.02 The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) provided humanitarian aid to a sanatorium in the Ivano-Frankivsk region
347 2024.03.02 The US extends humanitarian travel permits for Ukrainians
348 2024.03.02 The government is considering regulatory changes to support relocating farms
349 2024.03.01 Iryna Vereshchuk, the Deputy Prime Minister, met with the Bureau of Central Investigation Agency
350 2024.03.01 The government supports the bill on the restoration of state power in Crimea
351 2024.03.01 Veterans’ policy includes digitalization as a crucial component
352 2024.03.01 Fuel wood is still being provided to vulnerable households in the Kharkiv, Kherson, and Sumy regions
353 2024.02.29 The story of Oleksandr Tarapon, 10 years of resistance
354 2024.02.29 We are working to ensure that the Halychyna Rehabilitation Center can accommodate more Veterans
355 2024.02.29 Moldova has extended temporary protection for Ukrainians for an additional year
356 2024.02.29 Scale up what works. This is the role of government in supporting veteran businesses
357 2024.02.28 Ten large families were evacuated from the Donetsk region to Zakarpattia
358 2024.02.28 Veterans will serve as the main personnel reserve for the territories that have been de-occupied
359 2024.02.28 The European Parliament has approved the creation of a €50 billion fund to assist Ukraine
360 2024.02.28 The Ministry of Reintegration provided mine protection signs to 199 frontline communities
361 2024.02.26 Crimea is a part of Ukraine. It has been and will continue to be so
362 2024.02.26 Ukrainians residing in the TOT can request a temporary certificate of Ukrainian citizenship through their family members or legal representatives
363 2024.02.26 Crimea: resistance continues!
364 2024.02.25 Ways to assist a child in dealing with displacement during times of war
365 2024.02.25 The story of Oleksiy Bessarabov, 10 years of resistance
366 2024.02.25 With the support of the EU, a social hostel for IDPs is opened in Ivano-Frankivsk
367 2024.02.25 The story of Olga Fyoklina, from Hobby to a Successful Business – Zaporizhzhia region
368 2024.02.24 The premises of optimized educational institutions can be used to accommodate IDPs
369 2024.02.24 Coordination Centers in Donetsk region discussed support for IDPs, veterans, and their families
370 2024.02.24 Two more girls have returned from the temporarily occupied territories, leading to a happy reunion after a long separation
371 2024.02.24 On February 24, the second anniversary of the full-scale invasion
372 2024.02.23 The government has resolved the matter of providing salary supplements to employees of state institutions working in active hostilities areas
373 2024.02.23 The Ministry of Reintegration helped return a serviceman’s family
374 2024.02.23 The government is expanding its network of Civilian Support Coordination Centers
375 2024.02.23 By October, Ukraine aims to improve the spelling of the Crimean-Tatar language
376 2024.02.23 Status children, regardless of where they live, should receive free passports for travel abroad
377 2024.02.22 Veterans should receive free dental care
378 2024.02.22 Universities that move from the TOT should maintain their regional identity
379 2024.02.22 The EU has extended sanctions against russia for occupying part of Ukraine’s territory
380 2024.02.22 Financial Assistance for Foster Families, Homes, Guardians, and Adoptive Parents: How to Participate in the Program
381 2024.02.22 Social service centers for veterans’ employees should receive fair compensation
382 2024.02.21 The Estonian Parliament is urging countries to help bring back deported Ukrainian children
383 2024.02.21 Families of prisoners and missing persons should receive free legal aid
384 2024.02.21 In the de-occupied territories, Ukrposhta will deliver medicines
385 2024.02.21 Children from Sumy region traveled to western Ukraine for rehabilitation
386 2024.02.20 The story of a fighter with the call sign ‘Crimea’ who resisted for 10 years
387 2024.02.20 Concerning the issue of housing for IDPs, it is necessary to expand the programs that work
388 2024.02.20 Опубліковано 20 Лютого 2024 року, о 10:48
389 2024.02.19 The Ministry of Reintegration is creating ways to compensate charitable and public organizations for offering free housing to IDPs
390 2024.02.19 The Khmelnytsky Regional Coordination Center conducted an offsite meeting
391 2024.02.19 More than 50% of veterans are interested in starting their own business
392 2024.02.10 Ükümet yañıdan quruv leyhalarına deyerli 4,5 milliard grivna üleştirecek
393 2024.02.07 Where to contact relatives of missing persons in case of a change of the investigator conducting the criminal proceedings
394 2024.02.07 The state has invested 7 billion UAH in the development of small and medium-sized businesses under the eRobota program
395 2024.02.07 The Ministry of Reintegration transferred over 30 million UAH to compensate for IDP accommodations
396 2024.02.06 Ukraine has launched the State Register of Sanctions
397 2024.02.06 The program ‘Shelter’ has been allocated over 98 million UAH for December payments
398 2024.02.06 Ukraine has launched mobile groups to support veterans and their families
399 2024.02.06 In January, the Ministry of Reintegration transferred 55 million UAH to pay state aid to prisoners and their families
400 2024.02.05 Ukrainians now trust psychologists and psychiatrists more
401 2024.02.05 Ukraine and Canada have launched the International Coalition for the Return of Ukrainian Children
402 2024.02.05 The Estonian Refugee Council provides aid to households affected by war
403 2024.02.05 Fewer documents are now required to apply for payments to families of fallen soldiers
404 2024.02.04 Soldiers in Ivano-Frankivsk can receive assistance for rehabilitation and recovery
405 2024.02.04 The number of social housing units for IDPs is increasing
406 2024.02.04 A resource center has been opened in Kremenchuk for women and girls
407 2024.02.04 “It’s not a challenge, it’s a marathon that needs to be completed,” said the Andrukhov family from Sievierodonetsk
408 2024.02.03 Integration Space has opened in Rivne to provide support to the population affected by the war
409 2024.02.03 Iryna Vereshchuk conducted a meeting regarding the future of Taurida National University
410 2024.02.03 Ukrainian women who want to develop their business can participate in the training program
411 2024.02.03 The Kyiv region has opened its second Veterans’ Development Center
412 2024.02.03 How to apply for evacuation from the Kherson region
413 2024.02.02 Return of deported children discussed at international conference in Latvia
414 2024.02.02 Ministry of Reintegration distributes mine warning signs in de-occupied areas
415 2024.02.02 Evacuating from dangerous areas in Kharkiv region
416 2024.02.02 Ukrposhta turns 30
417 2024.02.01 Our national identity is the basis of Ukrainian culture
418 2024.02.01 Registration for DNA sampling from relatives of missing persons abroad continues
419 2024.02.01 The EU has agreed to provide Ukraine with 50 billion euros
420 2024.01.31 The EU has extended economic sanctions against russia for an extra six months
421 2024.01.31 207 more Ukrainians have been released from captivity
422 2024.01.31 Bulgaria extends temporary protection to Ukrainian asylum seekers
423 2024.01.31 How to Access Information from the National Information Bureau Register
424 2024.01.30 The Government has increased aid to internally displaced persons
425 2024.01.30 A multifunctional center for children has opened in Dnipro
426 2024.01.30 The process for identifying the family members of military personnel eligible for financial support or assistance has been simplified
427 2024.01.30 Recovery after de-occupation: Kharkiv region
428 2024.01.30 We need to ensure that Ukrainian children who are evacuated abroad have the chance to study in their native language
429 2024.01.29 You can now receive compensation for rebuilding a house on your land through eRecovery
430 2024.01.29 Due to the security situation, children in several settlements in the Donetsk region will be evacuated by force
431 2024.01.29 January 29 – Kruty Heroes Memorial Day
432 2024.01.29 The National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy is studying Crimean Tatar identity in the context of Ukrainian nation-building
433 2024.01.29 The international community should pay constant attention to Ukrainians living in temporarily occupied territories
434 2024.01.29 Social services for veterans in communities: a special study
435 2024.01.28 IDPs and military families in Kyiv can receive a visit to the museum as a gift
436 2024.01.28 New housing for IDPs appeared in Volyn
437 2024.01.28 Furniture business of the Lykov family from Donetsk
438 2024.01.28 The dates for Ukraine’s national multi-subject test have been established
439 2024.01.27 Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk is on a working visit to the Sumy region today
440 2024.01.27 Psychosocial Support Center opened in Chernihiv
441 2024.01.27 The European Commission will provide Ukraine with more than €15 million to construct school shelters
442 2024.01.27 Khmelnytskyi’s IDP dormitories have been renovated with the support of the EU
443 2024.01.27 The restoration of culture and sport is an integral part of the reintegration of the DOT population
444 2024.01.26 Ukraine returned the bodies of 77 defenders
445 2024.01.26 The Government has enhanced the methods for executing the program of discounted home loans for IDPs
446 2024.01.26 Ukrainians can now stay in shelters with their pets
447 2024.01.26 Regarding compensation to homeowners under the “Shelter” project
448 2024.01.26 The occupiers took two children from Kherson region to russia, but they returned home
449 2024.01.25 The approved list of areas where hostilities are (were) carried out or temporarily occupied
450 2024.01.25 The Fund for Elimination of the Consequences of russia’s Armed Aggression has simplified the procedure for using its funds
451 2024.01.24 PrivatBank branches in the de-occupied districts of the Kherson region will have shelters
452 2024.01.24 By the end of 2023, the state will provide veterans with 109 million UAH in grants to support their business development
453 2024.01.24 UNHCR has repaired over 27,500 homes damaged due to russia’s full-scale invasion since February 2022
454 2024.01.23 We heavily rely on our joint ventures with Poland, which is still our main trading partner
455 2024.01.23 In the first three weeks of January 2024, banks issued 787 affordable loans to businesses for 4.3 billion UAH
456 2024.01.23 Veterans can apply for education scholarships
457 2024.01.23 How to recover psychologically from danger?
458 2024.01.22 Poland signed the G7 declaration on security guarantees for Ukraine
459 2024.01.22 How do you know if you’re emotionally exhausted and what to do?
460 2024.01.22 A new center for veterans has opened in Lviv
461 2024.01.22 Owners of housing that has been destroyed due to hostilities are entitled to IDP payments
462 2024.01.22 Today is the Day of Unity of Ukraine
463 2024.01.21 Healthy habits to improve your health
464 2024.01.21 Poland donates 5.6 million UAH worth of humanitarian aid to the Lviv region
465 2024.01.21 A new mobile rehabilitation module has been opened in Ovruch, Zhytomyr region
466 2024.01.21 The Story of IDPs from Kherson Region: How Business Can Benefit the Soul
467 2024.01.20 Today is the Day of honoring the defenders of Donetsk airport
468 2024.01.20 A study shows that over half of Ukrainian asylum seekers have returned to Ukraine
469 2024.01.20 Residents of the liberated territories received over 755 million UAH in financial aid
470 2024.01.19 Enrollment for the training program for entrepreneurs and those wishing to start their own business has begun
471 2024.01.19 Forum of IDP councils in Rivne
472 2024.01.19 The National Information Bureau and the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission held a meeting to work together
473 2024.01.19 Kharkiv region now has the first mobile pharmacy in Ukraine
474 2024.01.19 Over the past year, international humanitarian organizations have assisted more than 11 million Ukrainians
475 2024.01.18 Iryna Vereshchuk, Vice Prime Minister, met with the Polish Minister of Development and Technology
476 2024.01.18 Ukrainian women may receive a grant to establish a home-based kindergarten
477 2024.01.18 Military personnel and veterans are welcome to participate in an online survey
478 2024.01.18 Over 2,300 applicants have expressed interest in participating in the restoration of Ukraine
479 2024.01.17 A center for providing psychosocial assistance to children who have been evacuated from dangerous areas has opened in Zhytomyr
480 2024.01.17 How to Extend Temporary Protection in the Czech Republic for Ukrainians
481 2024.01.17 How to speak with people who have experienced war?
482 2024.01.16 IDP women can participate in the innovative training program called ‘Zmist’
483 2024.01.16 More than 100 civilian Ukrainians held by russia without charge – Crimean human rights group
484 2024.01.16 The EU will support the construction of housing for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Zhytomyr
485 2024.01.15 The Ministry of Internal Affairs is responsible for managing cases of missing persons and maintaining communication channels
486 2024.01.14 Residents in the de-occupied territories can receive free legal assistance remotely
487 2024.01.14 Under the eRecovery program, more than 500 housing certificates for new homes have been booked by Ukrainians
488 2024.01.14 A digital platform has been created for businesses and internally displaced persons in the Lviv region
489 2024.01.14 Conduct an inventory of available housing to identify suitable premises for IDPs to reside
490 2024.01.14 Oksana Shelest from Nova Kakhovka said, “The children are proud of their work, and it shows in their smiles.”
491 2024.01.13 Last year, over 300,000 new individual entrepreneurs registered in Ukraine
492 2024.01.13 Already 10 Ukrainian families have exchanged eRecovery certificates for housing
493 2024.01.13 The Intergovernmental Ukrainian-Moldovan Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation has produced results
494 2024.01.13 Concrete ground shelters will be constructed near PrivatBank branches in the Donetsk region
495 2024.01.12 The government has allocated over 39 million UAH to compensate for the free accommodation of IDPs in institutions
496 2024.01.12 Today is the Day of the Ukrainian Political Prisoner
497 2024.01.12 The special meeting discussed mechanisms to counteract the legalization of collaborators abroad
498 2024.01.12 We are developing the State Policy Strategy to restore power and reintegrate the DOT population
499 2024.01.11 Free IT courses for veterans start
500 2024.01.11 The Ministry of Reintegration transferred 658 million UAH in 2023 to pay state aid to prisoners and their families
501 2024.01.11 The meeting was held to create a reserve of employees of state, law enforcement, social, and other agencies to work in the de-occupied territories
502 2024.01.11 Iryna Vereshchuk: Communication with IDPs about employment opportunities should be improved
503 2024.01.11 On the peculiarities of taxation in the territories of active hostilities
504 2024.01.10 The UN will present the Humanitarian Response Plan for Ukraine
505 2024.01.10 The Ministry of Reintegration, with the NIB, provided sets of necessities to 1224 individuals who were released from captivity over the year
506 2024.01.10 In 2023, victims of flooding caused by the enemy’s explosion of the Kakhovka HPP received over 200 million UAH in financial assistance
507 2024.01.10 Your family doctor can provide you with basic mental health support
508 2024.01.10 A meeting was held to discuss taxation in areas of possible hostilities
509 2024.01.09 The process for confirming damage to mortgaged property resulting from war has been enhanced
510 2024.01.09 In 2023, the state compensated employers 181 million UAH for hiring IDPs
511 2024.01.09 The National Information Bureau – more than 9.5 thousand letters between Ukrainian prisoners of war and their relatives have already been transferred
512 2024.01.08 There are already over 12,500 “Points of Invincibility” in Ukraine
513 2024.01.08 A grant competition has been launched to support advocacy campaigns that protect the rights and interests of IDPs
514 2024.01.08 The state should help develop rehabilitation centers for military personnel and veterans
515 2024.01.08 Ukrainian children abroad are not refugees
516 2024.01.08 Over 9000 households in the Kherson region have already received fuel wood
517 2024.01.07 How do we discuss individuals with disabilities with children?
518 2024.01.07 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is urging the International Criminal Court to consider the russian president’s decree regarding Ukrainian children
519 2024.01.07 Slovakia will provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine for winter
520 2024.01.07 “I want every child to feel special,” said Olga Prokhorova from Mariupol
521 2024.01.06 The EU-Ukraine incandescent light bulb exchange program has started a new phase
522 2024.01.06 Farms affected by war can receive free vegetable seeds for the upcoming spring planting season
523 2024.01.06 Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk met with young men who have returned to their homeland
524 2024.01.06 The Ministry of Reintegration received over 700,000 appeals in 2023
525 2024.01.05 We will improve access to banking services in frontline and de-occupied areas
526 2024.01.05 Providing fuel wood to communities in the Kharkiv region
527 2024.01.05 Ukrainians living abroad can register online for DNA testing to locate missing family members
528 2024.01.05 International partners will supply household refrigerators to institutions and facilities that care for internally displaced persons
529 2024.01.04 “RestoreHouse”: Program participants have already received over UAH 278 million to rebuild their damaged homes
530 2024.01.04 The e-Veteran web platform has created a unified knowledge base for veterans and their families
531 2024.01.04 The eRecovery certificate was exchanged for new housing in Ukraine for the first time
532 2024.01.04 Ukrposhta will deliver medicine to de-occupied and frontline areas
533 2024.01.03 230 more Ukrainians have been released from captivity
534 2024.01.03 In Kyiv opened free space to support children affected by war
535 2024.01.03 There is always a chance to return!
536 2024.01.03 How to start taking care of your mental health
537 2024.01.02 Return to Ukraine of deported young man
538 2024.01.02 During the meeting on veterans’ policy, a pilot project on social support for military personnel was discussed
539 2024.01.02 How to react if you find yourself under the rubble of a building
540 2024.01.02 The government has already paid 579 million UAH in compensation for accommodating IDPs in institutions
541 2024.01.01 A platform for veterans is being developed in the Cherkasy region
542 2024.01.01 UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) to help repair housing for IDPs in Poltava region
543 2024.01.01 The government has made changes to the preferential mortgage lending program eOselya
544 2024.01.01 Governmental organizations will receive grants to strengthen legal aid for victims of war
545 2024.01.01 UNHCR is working to provide housing for IDPs in Zakarpattia
546 2024.01.01 The state has invested an additional half a billion dollars into the ‘Grant for Your Own Business’ program to create new jobs
547 2023.12.31 Veterans and individuals with disabilities can receive scholarships to participate in cultural and artistic activities
548 2023.12.31 In 2024, payments to vulnerable categories of IDPs should be maintained
549 2023.12.31 How to help a child survive separation if one of their parents is at war
550 2023.12.31 The government has allocated over 48 million UAH for mobile communications and broadcasting in frontline regions
551 2023.12.31 Olena Barkova from Mariupol “I believe that my work is not in vain”
552 2023.12.30 Shelters for vulnerable categories of IDPs established in Zakarpattia
553 2023.12.30 Entrepreneurs can now receive expanded state support
554 2023.12.30 The government has increased compensation for employers hiring IDPs
555 2023.12.30 Security measures for passengers are being strengthened due to shelling at Kherson railway station
556 2023.12.29 The meeting discussed using an international travel document for Ukrainians leaving the TOT through russia and belarus
557 2023.12.29 The government has increased salaries for individuals working under intense shelling
558 2023.12.29 “eRecovery” project launched in Chernihiv region for veterans and their families
559 2023.12.29 Entrepreneurs from the affected and de-occupied regions received the most significant number of EU4Business grants under the program
560 2023.12.28 Over 100,000 individuals relocated to safe areas in Ukraine as part of the mandatory evacuation from Donetsk Oblast
561 2023.12.28 The Ministry of Reintegration, the Ministry of Justice, and representatives from the public sector discussed the resumption of justice operations in the previously occupied territories
562 2023.12.28 A specialized program can enhance stress resistance and concentration at work
563 2023.12.27 The government has extended the time limits for identifying pension recipients in Oschadbank
564 2023.12.27 The Coordination Headquarters held a regular meeting to discuss the departure of Ukrainian citizens from the TOT
565 2023.12.27 eRecovery Certificates can be exchanged for a new home – how to do it
566 2023.12.27 The Coordination Center in Volyn assisted in rehabilitating 1600 children from the frontline areas
567 2023.12.27 How do you communicate with a person who has recently survived a bombing?
568 2023.12.26 A new medical and rehabilitation building is being constructed in Rivne for veterans
569 2023.12.26 Coordination is the key to success
570 2023.12.26 Switzerland is providing extra assistance to help Ukrainians during the winter
571 2023.12.26 The Ministry of Reintegration has provided mine safety warning signs to communities that have been de-occupied
572 2023.12.26 Mobile pharmacies can appear in villages and frontline areas
573 2023.12.25 The Ministry of Reintegration transferred over 19 million UAH to compensate for IDP accommodations
574 2023.12.25 The interagency meeting discussed providing fuel wood for military families
575 2023.12.25 IDP women entrepreneurs may receive grants for their businesses
576 2023.12.25 Ukraine is enhancing the protection of children who have become stateless or have been deported to russia
577 2023.12.24 Internally displaced persons and veterans are invited to take a survey to improve sports conditions
578 2023.12.24 Poland has sent an additional 5,000 Starlinks to Ukraine
579 2023.12.24 Germany has provided aid to Ukraine for the winter period
580 2023.12.24 “Never give up” – Yulia Savynska, Kramatorsk
581 2023.12.23 “Christmas Post” for Defenders
582 2023.12.23 The Netherlands allocates €102 million for support to Ukraine
583 2023.12.23 The aggressor country’s actions are condemned in an updated resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly
584 2023.12.23 Ukrainians adopt Italian experience in psychosocial work at the community level
585 2023.12.23 This year, Ukrainians received over 18,000 education vouchers, with plans for even more next year
586 2023.12.22 Ukraine returned the bodies of 66 defenders
587 2023.12.22 The Government prohibited the privatization of state and municipal property in active hostilities territories during the martial law period
588 2023.12.22 The process of issuing certificates for the right to use benefits to family members of fallen or missing military personnel has been enhanced
589 2023.12.22 The government is increasing its control over status children in TOT
590 2023.12.21 A chatbot to help make New Year’s gifts for children from the Kherson region has been created
591 2023.12.21 Iryna Vereshchuk participated in the Christmas Prayer Breakfast
592 2023.12.21 Dreams come true: another boy returns from the temporarily occupied territory
593 2023.12.21 PrivatBank in Donetsk region works to equip workplaces in shelters
594 2023.12.20 The occupants destroyed a warehouse with humanitarian aid in Kherson
595 2023.12.20 The pilot project for the Veteran’s Assistant program is ongoing in Dnepropetrovsk region
596 2023.12.20 Diia will provide an interactive map with information on available shelters
597 2023.12.20 The government has adopted a significant resolution concerning orphans who have been placed in the TOT or illegally brought to russia
598 2023.12.20 Until April 1, 2024, the government plans to extend the deadline for identifying pension recipients in Oshadbank
599 2023.12.19 The government has updated government standards for the labeling of explosive device hazards
600 2023.12.19 The Government allocates more than 20 million UAH for compensation for free accommodation of IDPs in institutions
601 2023.12.19 The Cabinet of Ministers has regulated the use of budget funds in specific areas
602 2023.12.19 The Ministry of Reintegration has major programs in support of the war-affected population
603 2023.12.19 The government is focusing on children’s status in the temporarily occupied territories
604 2023.12.18 Communication between the state and veteran service organizations is the key to success in working with veterans
605 2023.12.18 Ukrainian women are eligible to receive grants for opening kindergartens
606 2023.12.18 The mobile administrative services network is expanding in the liberated territories
607 2023.12.18 The Zaporizhzhia Coordination Center depends on collaborating with the public sector
608 2023.12.18 Focus resources on supporting the most vulnerable categories of the population
609 2023.12.18 The National Information Bureau hotline received over 118,000 calls in the first 11 months of this year
610 2023.12.17 Veterans will receive business development grants worth nearly UAH 100 million
611 2023.12.17 Nova Pozhta opens an office in Italy
612 2023.12.17 “I believe in my own business for the sake of our children and our future,” said Tatiana Ageeva from Mykolaiv
613 2023.12.16 How to support a person remotely
614 2023.12.16 Grants for micro and small enterprises in Dnepropetrovsk region
615 2023.12.16 Ukrzaliznytsia launches ticket order service for military personnel
616 2023.12.16 Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the number of charitable organizations has increased significantly
617 2023.12.16 The best psychosocial support tool is live meetings
618 2023.12.15 First Lady Olena Zelenska Meets with Regional Coordinators of the All-Ukrainian Mental Health Program
619 2023.12.15 “I believe that we will go this way side by side” – Iryna Vereshchuk on the start of negotiations for Ukraine’s and Moldova’s accession to the EU
620 2023.12.15 The World Bank will provide Ukraine with an additional $1.3 billion in assistance
621 2023.12.15 Military doctors will be involved in civilian healthcare facilities in areas of active and possible combat operations
622 2023.12.14 EU leaders expressed support for opening accession talks with Ukraine
623 2023.12.14 Retirees can pass identification via videoconferencing
624 2023.12.14 An effective policy for relocating healthcare facilities to safe regions needs to be developed
625 2023.12.14 You can contact the hotline of the Ministry of Reintegration 15-48 via messengers
626 2023.12.13 The government is considering continuing payments to specific categories of internally displaced persons
627 2023.12.13 Crimea continues to document human rights violations
628 2023.12.13 You can request help by contacting the Administrative Services Center or a notary
629 2023.12.13 The Coordination Center in Sumy region focuses mainly on IDPs
630 2023.12.12 International humanitarian law should make a clear distinction between civilians and military personnel
631 2023.12.12 The Ministry of Reintegration’s 15-48 hotline received over 550,000 calls in 11 months
632 2023.12.12 Online map with addresses of psychosocial support centers developed for IDPs in Lviv region
633 2023.12.12 Sweden will provide Ukraine with 120 million euros in assistance
634 2023.12.11 Britain has set up a new unit to fight companies that evade russian sanctions
635 2023.12.11 Report on calls to the Ministry of Reintegration hotline 15-48 for the past two weeks
636 2023.12.11 In six months of work, the Kharkiv Coordination Center has assisted 104,000 IDPs
637 2023.12.11 Mykolaiv region is currently implementing a pilot project for a veteran’s assistant
638 2023.12.10 How do we avoid increasing stress by filtering the news?
639 2023.12.10 A new website launched in Ukraine that helps people find jobs in the reconstruction and transportation industries
640 2023.12.10 Financial assistance is available to IDPs in Chernivtsi
641 2023.12.10 “We need decisive action from the international community. Resolutions alone are insufficient,” stated Iryna Vereshchuk during the meeting of the International Coalition of Countries for the Return of Ukrainian Children
642 2023.12.10 “Business in a new place is quite realistic,” said Hanna Kuklevska from Kharkiv region
643 2023.12.09 How to prevent burnout syndrome
644 2023.12.09 The European Commission will provide €4 million for medical care for Ukrainians
645 2023.12.09 Oschadbank will start operating five mobile units in the frontline regions
646 2023.12.09 The Coordination Centre for the Departure of Citizens from the TOT continues its normative work
647 2023.12.09 Over 105 million UAH allocated for October payments under the “Shelter” program
648 2023.12.08 More than 5.9 billion UAH allocated for IDP payments in December
649 2023.12.08 More than 18 thousand households from the front line areas of Kharkiv region will receive fuel for the winter free of charge
650 2023.12.08 A study called “Portrait of a Veteran” was presented
651 2023.12.08 German bank KfW has allocated €24.2 million for energy-efficient housing for IDPs
652 2023.12.07 In November, the Ministry of Reintegration transferred more than 8.4 million UAH for financial assistance to evacuees
653 2023.12.07 International humanitarian organizations to help frontline communities in Kherson region with fuel for winter
654 2023.12.07 The Coordination Headquarters for the de-occupied Territories heard reports from the Ministries
655 2023.12.07 Since the start of the year, the Government has paid over 338 million UAH in compensation for the accommodation of IDPs in institutions
656 2023.12.06 The defense and security sector is crucial for restoring the power of the state in the previously captured territories
657 2023.12.06 Local governments have direct contact with residents
658 2023.12.06 In November, the Ministry of Reintegration’s hotlines received over 24,000 requests
659 2023.12.05 Ukrainians living abroad who apply for a passport for the first time after reaching the age of 18 can do so at the offices of the State Enterprise “Document”
660 2023.12.05 The Coordination Center for Civilian Support at the Zhytomyr Regional Military Administration helps civilians
661 2023.12.05 The aggressor country greatly underestimates the consequences of criminal deportation and illegal adoption of Ukrainian children
662 2023.12.05 Another 62 million UAH allocated for September payments under the Shelter program
663 2023.12.05 The National Information Bureau received over 14 thousand appeals in November
664 2023.12.04 The Czech Republic will continue to provide temporary protection for Ukrainians until 2025
665 2023.12.04 Humanitarian organizations continue to provide aid to war-affected people in Ukraine
666 2023.12.04 International Red Cross suspends membership of Belarusian Red Cross
667 2023.12.04 Another 12 Ukrainian women released from captivity undergo rehabilitation in Poland
668 2023.12.03 How to help a child during an air raid?
669 2023.12.03 Small businesses in Vinnytsia, Odesa, and Chernihiv regions are provided with grants
670 2023.12.03 An online guide about human rights appears in Ukraine
671 2023.12.03 2 additional mobile bank branches opened for people in Donetsk area
672 2023.12.03 “New circumstances mean new opportunities,” Yevhenia Holub, Semenivka
673 2023.12.02 A free online psychological simulator has been launched for teenagers
674 2023.12.02 The National Bank has removed limitations on foreign currency sales
675 2023.12.02 The vast majority of Americans support military aid to Ukraine
676 2023.12.02 Additional clarification on the automatic extension of payments for another six months for certain categories of IDPs
677 2023.12.01 The government supported the initiative of the Ministry of Reintegration: 18 million UAH for payments to prisoners
678 2023.12.01 The government enhances the work of IDP Councils in local authorities
679 2023.12.01 The Luhansk Military Administration’s Coordination Center for Civilian Support is working to provide a complete resolution of the problems of the affected population
680 2023.12.01 Law to freeze assets for Ukraine’s recovery has been introduced in U.S. Congress
681 2023.12.01 Which categories of IDPs will have their payments automatically extended for another six months?
682 2023.11.30 Do not give unverified individuals access to personal information about prisoners or missing persons
683 2023.11.30 Supporting Mykolaiv region’s residents: Coordination Center’s work in numbers
684 2023.11.30 Results of the implementation of the All-Ukrainian Mental Health Program “How are you?
685 2023.11.30 The Ministry of Reintegration has given over 49 million UAH to compensate for IDPs’ housing
686 2023.11.29 This year, companies got affordable loans for 88 billion UAH
687 2023.11.29 Residents of the de-occupied territories receive humanitarian aid from the state and charity organizations
688 2023.11.28 The PACE established a committee on the protection of Ukrainian children
689 2023.11.28 Budget-2024: priorities remain unchanged
690 2023.11.28 Geographical names in temporarily occupied Crimea will be restored to their historical names in Crimean Tatar language
691 2023.11.28 The approved list of areas where hostilities are (were) carried out or temporarily occupied
692 2023.11.27 The modular city for internally displaced families opened in Chernihiv
693 2023.11.27 Residents in five frontline regions can receive financial support to restore their agricultural activities
694 2023.11.27 A free digital platform for legal assistance is accessible to internally displaced persons
695 2023.11.27 Evacuating Donetsk region residents to safe parts of Ukraine is ongoing
696 2023.11.26 “You always have to act,” Tetyana Filonenko, Sloviansk
697 2023.11.26 Medical care that displaced persons can get for free from a primary care doctor
698 2023.11.26 Child safety on the Internet during online learning
699 2023.11.26 What should you do if the occupants move into your home?
700 2023.11.26 Ukrainians living abroad have already obtained over half a million passports
701 2023.11.25 Combatants and individuals with disabilities related to war will have the opportunity to receive free vocational training
702 2023.11.25 UNICEF is a reliable partner that Ukraine will continue to work with
703 2023.11.25 The return of Ukrainians through the humanitarian corridor in Volyn is under discussion at the special meeting
704 2023.11.25 November 25 – Holodomor Remembrance Day
705 2023.11.24 Those who try to get legalized abroad will be suppressed
706 2023.11.24 Over 90,000 homeowners will receive compensation for housing IDPs in October
707 2023.11.24 Over 13,500 Ukrainians have returned via the humanitarian corridor in Sumy region in six months
708 2023.11.24 Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk meets with Bruce Edwards, the Australian Ambassador to Ukraine
709 2023.11.23 We must support IDPs who have faced difficult circumstances as a result of armed aggression
710 2023.11.23 Under the eRobota plan, the government invested 5 billion UAH in the development of small and medium-sized businesses
711 2023.11.23 It is planned to create a special award for contributions to the development of the Crimean Tatar language
712 2023.11.23 Europol to help investigate russia’s international crimes against Ukraine
713 2023.11.22 About 30 million UAH allocated for September payments under the “Shelter” program
714 2023.11.22 Grant competition to support advocacy campaigns to protect the rights and interests of IDPs is ongoing
715 2023.11.22 Parliament adopts a law providing for a mechanism to assess the learning outcomes of people educated in the TOT
716 2023.11.22 Ukrainians abroad can donate DNA to search for missing relatives
717 2023.11.21 The story in detail: how 37 kids from Kharkiv region were brought back from russia
718 2023.11.21 Is it fair to deny payments to IDPs with over 100,000 UAH on their deposit but cannot use it before it expires?
719 2023.11.21 The option to use paper forms for importing humanitarian aid into Ukraine has been extended until April 1, 2024
720 2023.11.21 Charged with pride and a desire for independence
721 2023.11.20 Ukraine returned the bodies of 94 defenders
722 2023.11.20 Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk met with a Save the Children delegation in Ukraine
723 2023.11.20 Almost 1 million people living in Kharkiv region received international humanitarian aid this year
724 2023.11.19 How to protect your child from cyberbullying
725 2023.11.19 Free job training is offered to veterans and individuals with disabilities
726 2023.11.19 “VidnovyDIM”: assistance in rebuilding damaged houses
727 2023.11.18 What is cognitive fatigue, and ways to take care of yourself and your child?
728 2023.11.18 Grant competition for NGOs assisting internally displaced persons announced
729 2023.11.18 Telecom firms from the de-occupied territories are eligible for grants to restore the Internet
730 2023.11.18 Residents in two areas can use mobile employment centers
731 2023.11.17 Over 5.8 billion UAH allocated for IDP payments in November
732 2023.11.17 The government allocates over 180 million UAH for state aid payments to prisoners
733 2023.11.17 We are developing cooperation with Georgia to return Ukrainian citizens deported by russia
734 2023.11.17 Commission on establishing the fact of captivity: interim results of work
735 2023.11.17 Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk had a working meeting with the NRC
736 2023.11.16 The Ministry of Reintegration is working on a list of places of temporary residence for IDPs
737 2023.11.16 We should try to create a reserve of law enforcement and judicial officers to work in the de-occupied territories
738 2023.11.16 In 2024, 877.5 million UAH will be allocated for the program of preferential housing loans for IDPs
739 2023.11.16 The government must carry on providing funds to vulnerable IDPs
740 2023.11.16 This year, the IDP support programs will receive more than 82.7 billion UAH in total funding
741 2023.11.15 A meeting on the resumption of activities of state bodies in the de-occupied territories of Ukraine was held
742 2023.11.15 A new course on the HELP platform will help civil servants understand more about European IDP rights protection standards
743 2023.11.15 EU is providing an additional €110 million in humanitarian aid to support Ukrainians
744 2023.11.15 Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk: We must radically reduce paperwork for families of defenders
745 2023.11.15 Construction machinery is vital in the restoration of de-occupied territories
746 2023.11.14 The government has established some relations in the areas of active hostilities, where state electronic information resources operate
747 2023.11.14 The government has provided 60.9 million UAH for compensation for the accommodation of IDPs in May-July 2023
748 2023.11.14 Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk proposes extending payments to IDPs for families with young children in regions where kindergartens are not working
749 2023.11.14 A new stage of strategic partnership between Ukraine and Azerbaijan is being formed
750 2023.11.14 The government is searching for more job options for IDPs
751 2023.11.13 The number of military Medical Commission staff should be increased
752 2023.11.13 “We stay active and do a lot,” Anastasia Zakrevska, Donetsk
753 2023.11.13 Ukraine will get through the coming winter with the economic and military support of our partners
754 2023.11.12 13 Nova Poshta branches opened in Germany by the end of the year
755 2023.11.12 Online psychological support platforms
756 2023.11.12 War-affected farms can rebuild their livelihoods
757 2023.11.12 Another Oschadbank mobile branch was opened in the Donetsk region
758 2023.11.12 “My job is to help Ukrainians,” Tatiana Chernikova, Donetsk
759 2023.11.11 Regarding the identification of IDP pensioners
760 2023.11.11 Denmark will prolong the validity of residence permits for Ukrainians until March 2025
761 2023.11.11 Two million euros for Ukraine from Lithuania
762 2023.11.11 Ukraine is the second most charitable country in the world
763 2023.11.10 The Government enhanced the support system for prisoners and their families
764 2023.11.10 IDP payments for November will be financed on time
765 2023.11.10 Heads of IDP Councils will now join the specialized Coordination Center
766 2023.11.10 More effort is needed to maintain attention to Ukraine
767 2023.11.06 IDPs can get housing under the eOselya mortgage program
768 2023.11.05 Media from the front line and recently freed territories can get up to a 2 million UAH grant
769 2023.11.05 Companies that relocate will receive financial assistance
770 2023.11.05 IDPs and other residents from Ivano-Frankivsk can get financial assistance from the Red Cross
771 2023.11.05 “You shouldn’t be scared, act!” – Diana Bugrova, Dnipro
772 2023.11.04 Switzerland extends protected status for Ukrainians until March 2025
773 2023.11.04 During the first nine months of 2023, humanitarian organizations assisted nine million Ukrainians
774 2023.11.04 Since the start of the war, Ukrainian embassies overseas provided around 20 thousand Ukrainians with certificates to return home
775 2023.11.04 Increase awareness among TOT citizens about restoring documents
776 2023.11.03 Supporting the community in Ukraine is a top priority of the European Economic and Social Committee
777 2023.11.03 Are IDPs from TOT eligible for IDP payments after returning to Ukraine through other countries?
778 2023.11.03 Procedures for the list of territories hostilities are (were) carried out or territories temporarily occupied by the russian federation have been improved
779 2023.11.03 Intergovernmental Ukrainian-Moldovan commission on trade and economic cooperation: Results of Work
780 2023.11.03 In October, the Ministry of Reintegration sent 60 million UAH to help families of prisoners
781 2023.11.02 Those who left TOT receive complete help throughout the paperwork process
782 2023.11.02 Over 90,000 homeowners will get compensation for hosting IDPs in September
783 2023.11.02 Iryna Vereshchuk: 529 IDP Councils is a good number for such a short period
784 2023.11.02 Reconstruction in the de-occupied Mykolaiv region continues
785 2023.11.01 In October, the Ministry of Reintegration hotlines received over 24,000 calls
786 2023.11.01 In October, 17 kids were brought back as a part of the “Way Home” project
787 2023.11.01 IDP payments will be provided per family
788 2023.11.01 First All-UkrainianForum of IDP Councils launched
789 2023.10.31 A proposal for a Veterans Policy was presented
790 2023.10.31 In Ukraine, the number of vacancies is growing
791 2023.10.31 President signs law to pay citizens who rebuilt their destroyed homes
792 2023.10.30 Where to Find Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine: Interactive Map
793 2023.10.30 The government provides an additional 1.5 billion UAH to local governments in Luhansk and other affected regions
794 2023.10.30 It is suggested to create an international coalition of states for the return of deported Ukrainian children
795 2023.10.30 Over 5,000 internally displaced health workers took advantage of the opportunity to work in a health facility in another region
796 2023.10.30 Almost 2,200 individuals want to participate in the reconstruction of Ukraine
797 2023.10.29 Women in Ukraine affected by the war can receive financial assistance from the International Women’s Foundation
798 2023.10.29 Preparing for winter: how to insulate your home?
799 2023.10.29 IDPs in Dnipropetrovsk region invited to courses on successful employment
800 2023.10.29 “My favorite business is my source of strength,” Diana Loginova, Kharkiv
801 2023.10.28 Free medical care for pregnant IDP women
802 2023.10.28 You can receive free employment legal assistance online
803 2023.10.28 IDPs can learn the skills of a social worker for free
804 2023.10.28 Help yourself and your family cope with PTSD
805 2023.10.28 We need to be a smart country, – Iryna Vereshchuk at the opening of the XII Festival of Innovative Projects “Sikorsky Challenge 2023”
806 2023.10.27 The list of areas where hostilities are (were) carried out or territories temporarily occupied by the russian federation is now obtainable in English
807 2023.10.27 Ukraine returned 50 fallen soldiers
808 2023.10.27 The partnership of Ukrainian authorities and international partners will help to develop an effective mechanism for the return of deported children
809 2023.10.27 The All-Ukrainian Forum of IDP Councils will be held for the first time in Kyiv
810 2023.10.26 Mortgage at 3%: 130 more IDP families receive preferential housing loans
811 2023.10.26 Almost 110 million UAH in state aid has already been paid to those affected by floods in Kherson and Mykolaiv regions
812 2023.10.26 Another family has left TOT
813 2023.10.26 The Kharkiv Regional Military Administration intends to evacuate children from ten Kupiansk district settlements forcibly
814 2023.10.26 How the liberated territories of Kherson region are being restored
815 2023.10.25 Meeting of Coordination Headquarters for territories de-occupied: focus on social issues
816 2023.10.25 Under the government’s plan to move people to safe places, 840 businesses have relocated from dangerous areas
817 2023.10.25 Host communities should look after children who have been evacuated from dangerous areas
818 2023.10.25 Russians are trying to discredit Ukrainian asylum seekers on foreign social media – how to resist
819 2023.10.25 If someone is in a captivity. Where do you need to contact?
820 2023.10.24 The Ministry of Reintegration hosted a standard gathering of the Commission to verify imprisonment
821 2023.10.24 Ukraine gets another $1.5 billion payment from the EU
822 2023.10.24 Report on six months of work of the Coordination Center for IDPs
823 2023.10.23 “Nova Poshta” honors the memory of its employees killed near Kharkiv
824 2023.10.23 More than 173 thousand people from Ukraine landed new jobs starting in 2023
825 2023.10.23 The deadlines to identify the people who will receive pensions and social benefits from Oschadbank may be extended
826 2023.10.22 Simple habits to help replenish mental resources
827 2023.10.22 Since the start of the large-scale invasion, russia has committed 2,500 offenses against the environment
828 2023.10.22 “Perseverance is key to success,” states Olga Yegorova from Mariupol
829 2023.10.21 The European Commission contributes over 50 million EUR to the Energy Support Fund for Ukraine
830 2023.10.21 More than 500 councils have been established throughout Ukraine for internally displaced persons (IDPs)
831 2023.10.21 Over 5.6 billion UAH already allocated for IDP payments in October
832 2023.10.21 Protection of the information space in front-line areas
833 2023.10.20 EU extends temporary protection to Ukrainian asylum seekers
834 2023.10.20 The winners of the “Grant for Your Own Business” program will receive 1.2 billion UAH in grants
835 2023.10.20 289 grants were approved for Oschadbank clients under the EU4Business: Recovery, Competitiveness and Internationalization Program of the Ministry of Social Policy
836 2023.10.20 The Special Coordination Center works to ensure the departure of citizens from the TOT
837 2023.10.19 Iryna Vereshchuk held a meeting on the results of the work of the Interstate Ukrainian-Moldovan Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation
838 2023.10.19 Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk chaired a meeting on the realization of the “Bring Kids Back UA” action plan
839 2023.10.19 In Tokmak, russians move into multistory buildings where locals live
840 2023.10.19 Up to $15 billion needed for Ukraine’s rapid recovery program
841 2023.10.19 Ukrainians impacted by the war may obtain monetary aid from the Estonian Refugee Council
842 2023.10.19 In September, the National Information Bureau received more than 14 thousand complaints
843 2023.10.19 How to prepare your child for air raids that may happen during the school day
844 2023.10.19 We must ensure that the freedoms of Ukrainian children abroad are protected
845 2023.10.19 Contest to support restaurants affected by war continues
846 2023.10.19 Iryna Vereshchuk held a meeting of the Coordination Center for Internally Displaced Persons
847 2023.10.19 “Integrating IDPs into the community is a driving force for the country’s development,” Olesia Babushkina, Donetsk Oblast
848 2023.10.19 How IDPs can prepare to find a job in a new place
849 2023.10.19 A support program for civil society activists who have been internally displaced and continue to work was launched
850 2023.10.19 The UK is giving money to help Ukraine cope with the winter
851 2023.10.19 My appeal to international donors is to focus on ongoing projects, including preparations for winter
852 2023.10.19 Over 97 million UAH in state aid has already been paid out to people affected by flooding in Kherson and Mykolaiv regions
853 2023.10.19 A regular meeting of the Coordination Headquarters for Ensuring the Departure of Ukrainian Citizens from the Temporarily Occupied Territories was held
854 2023.10.19 Ukraine returned the bodies of 64 fallen soldiers
855 2023.10.19 For more than a year, the Coordination Center for the Mandatory Evacuation of the Population under Martial Law has been in operation
856 2023.10.18 Since the start of the full-scale war, the Government has allocated funds towards housing compensation, affordable loans, and grants for Ukrainian citizens
857 2023.10.18 How to support a child in a stressful situation
858 2023.10.18 Ukrainian small and medium-sized processing businesses are eligible to receive a grant for development purposes
859 2023.10.18 What do parents and caregivers need to know about post-traumatic stress disorder?
860 2023.10.18 IDPs can get up to 5000 EUR for cultural integration projects
861 2023.10.18 Employment services in frontline areas become more accessible
862 2023.10.18 Information on the Coordination Headquarters chaired by Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk
863 2023.10.17 The government allocates over UAH 180 million for state aid to prisoners of war
864 2023.10.16 The government initiated the Levko Lukyanenko scholarship for Oleg Halaziuk, a prisoner of the occupying forces
865 2023.10.16 The Presidium of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities under the President of Ukraine held a meeting dedicated to Sumy and Chernihiv regions
866 2023.10.16 Regional Civil Support Coordination Centers to focus resources and efforts
867 2023.10.16 More than 4,000 stoves were delivered to Kharkiv region free of charge
868 2023.10.16 Mental health rehab center opens for IDPs in Poltava
869 2023.10.16 Iryna Vereshchuk attended the National Academy of Internal Affairs
870 2023.10.16 Interagency Commission starts making a list of breaches of global humanitarian law
871 2023.10.16 Europol will assist in investigating alleged war crimes committed by russia in Ukraine
872 2023.10.16 The Coordination Headquarters meeting on the development of the strategy for the restoration of state authority and the reintegration of the DOT population was held
873 2023.10.16 In Kyiv, IDPs received keys to new apartments
874 2023.10.16 We report on the work of the Coordination Center for the De-occupied Territories
875 2023.10.16 More than 2.2 billion UAH have already been paid to citizens who sheltered internally displaced persons
876 2023.10.16 Ukrainian teens share their stories of being strong
877 2023.10.16 Assistance from IOM: New Payment Rules
878 2023.10.16 What help can companies get for employing IDPs?
879 2023.10.16 This year, global partners will designate 2.6 billion UAH for firewood
880 2023.10.12 The humanitarian corridor through Sumy region continues
881 2023.10.09 A meeting on evacuation from Sumy region held
882 2023.10.09 The Ministry of Reintegration has transferred over 71 million UAH to provide financial aid to evacuees
883 2023.10.09 Ensure high-quality physical and mental rehabilitation for individuals released from captivity
884 2023.10.09 More than 26,000 Ukrainians are missing under mysterious circumstances
885 2023.10.09 Iryna Vereshchuk attended an event about short-term housing for IDPs
886 2023.10.09 IDPs in the Kyiv, Cherkasy, and Kirovohrad regions may receive financial aid for their rent
887 2023.10.06 In September, the Reintegration Ministry transferred over 49 million UAH to pay state aid to the families of prisoners
888 2023.10.06 The Government supported a pilot project to organize social support for military personnel and their families
889 2023.10.06 Over the past year, more than 3,600 families were given a low-interest mortgage through the еOselya program
890 2023.10.06 The European Parliament approves 50 billion euros to help Ukraine
891 2023.10.06 The government is creating a Reform Plan for 2027 that is unified
892 2023.10.06 Since April, 856 kids have been moved to safe areas in Ukraine through forced evacuation
893 2023.10.05 More than 14,000 Ukrainians gave state education vouchers
894 2023.10.05 Italy will participate in the reconstruction of Odesa region
895 2023.10.05 How to register at the employment center
896 2023.10.05 In Diia, the eRecovery program shows certificates for housing
897 2023.10.05 In September, the Ministry of Reintegration hotlines received nearly 45 thousand requests
898 2023.10.05 France will provide insurance for investors who are interested in rebuilding Ukraine
899 2023.10.05 The State Service for Children was established in Ukraine
900 2023.10.05 UN provides $123 million for winter aid to Ukraine
901 2023.10.05 Where IDPs should go to find a job
902 2023.10.05 Children living outside of Ukraine have the opportunity to study Ukrainian studies online. Here is a list of schools that offer these courses
903 2023.10.05 Organizations where you can donate children’s clothing and toys
904 2023.10.03 On the Approval of the Amendments to the List of Territories where Hostilities Are (Were) Conducted or Temporarily Occupied by the Russian Federation
905 2023.10.02 Emergency Service 112 launched in Kyiv region
906 2023.10.02 The second round of applications for the “Course to Independence” project grant competition has commenced
907 2023.10.02 “Starting over can be difficult, but it’s necessary” – Oleksiy Tymchuk, Kherson
908 2023.10.02 Ukrainians living abroad are not refugees. They are individuals who were forced to leave the country, – head of the SMS
909 2023.10.02 Ukraine starts “Voice of Crimea” channel to combat russian propaganda
910 2023.10.02 IAEA urges russia to return ZNPP to Ukraine’s full control immediately
911 2023.10.02 Updates to the List of places where military operations are (were) conducted or temporarily occupied have been approved
912 2023.10.02 The Government has improved the process of applying to the Personnel Reserve for work in the de-occupied territories
913 2023.10.02 More than 100 million UAH were allocated for payments to citizens who sheltered IDPs
914 2023.10.02 The EU has extended its temporary protection for Ukrainians
915 2023.10.02 The Day of the Defenders of Ukraine!
916 2023.10.02 In 2024, the Government plans to give nearly 800 million UAH in non-refundable aid to farmers in the de-occupied territories
917 2023.10.02 We aim to improve the mental health of Ukrainians
918 2023.10.02 Ukraine launches information campaign in russia to return deported Ukrainian children
919 2023.10.02 U.S. freezes $8 billion in Russian assets
920 2023.10.02 Government officials and representatives of civil society organizations discussed the strategy for restoring state authority and reintegrating the DOT population
921 2023.10.02 Evacuating residents from Donetsk region to safe areas in Ukraine is ongoing
922 2023.10.02 We have to provide firewood for the residents of the frontline regions until winter
923 2023.10.02 Students from TOT can enter universities through interviews
924 2023.10.02 Around 15,000 Ukrainians in Lithuania got help from the International Organization for Migration
925 2023.10.02 What to do in case of a child’s missing in the temporarily occupied territory?
926 2023.09.29 Olena Zelenska Foundation gets 1 million dollars from the US to assist Ukrainians
927 2023.09.29 Extracurricular activities should improve the resilience of children and their families during times of war
928 2023.09.29 How do you get assistance in adopting a child?
929 2023.09.29 Japan will provide Ukraine with 21.8 billion UAH in grants for reconstruction projects
930 2023.09.29 You can access social services online
931 2023.09.29 IDPs can get all legal services without any charge
932 2023.09.25 Iryna Vereshchuk asks Ukrainians to leave Crimea if possible
933 2023.09.25 Useful contacts and links for military family members
934 2023.09.25 Lviv Regional Military Administration presents a comprehensive program of mental health care and psychosocial support for the population
935 2023.09.25 Exercise and emotional aid are helpful techniques for the mental well-being of Ukrainians
936 2023.09.25 At the Ministry of Reintegration, a meeting of the commission to establish the fact of captivity was held
937 2023.09.25 Iryna Vereshchuk participated in a forum focused on reintegrating individuals into the community
938 2023.09.25 Crimean youth begin receiving Ukrainian passports en masse
939 2023.09.25 Nearly 1900 people want to help rebuild Ukraine
940 2023.09.25 There are three million individuals with disabilities in Ukraine
941 2023.09.25 We report on the work of the Coordination Center for the De-occupied Territories
942 2023.09.25 Social security authorities received information from the register of destroyed and damaged property
943 2023.09.22 Where to go if you lose contact with your defense counsel
944 2023.09.22 Psychology programs need to address today’s challenges
945 2023.09.22 Evacuees from the border area of Sumy region are receiving financial help from an international organization
946 2023.09.22 Political discussion between Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova is crucial for successful collaboration
947 2023.09.22 The Ministry of Reintegration has given more than 238 million UAH in compensation for free accommodation of IDPs
948 2023.09.20 The recent interagency meeting addressed the taxation of global grants
949 2023.09.20 Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk encourages businesses to invest in restoring and developing Kharkiv region
950 2023.09.20 Charitable assistance to IDPs provided by international organizations is not taxable
951 2023.09.20 What to discuss over the phone with a defender
952 2023.09.20 The winners of the “Grant for Your Own Business” program will get more than 1 billion UAH to start and develop their businesses
953 2023.09.20 Ukraine has returned two children from the territory currently under occupation
954 2023.09.20 In August, the Ministry of Reintegration transferred more than $3 million to provide financial support for inmates
955 2023.09.20 A new program has begun to enhance practical education in Ukraine
956 2023.09.20 Hearings start in The Hague for Ukraine’s legal action against russia
957 2023.09.19 Social security officials need access to the list of homes that are destroyed and damaged. Until they have access, they should not stop payments to homeowners of those properties
958 2023.09.19 Economic recovery in the de-occupied territories has been enhanced through improvements to business support conditions under the “Affordable Loans 5-7-9%” program
959 2023.09.19 Ukrainian children arrived in The Hague to share their stories about the crimes committed by the occupiers
960 2023.09.19 Mental health and psychosocial support for citizens is an important component of public policy
961 2023.09.19 We need to ensure proper conditions in places of temporary residence
962 2023.09.18 The Ministry of Reintegration has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Institute for the Development of the Crimean Tatar Language
963 2023.09.18 IDPs can also verify their work experience through witness testimony
964 2023.09.18 How to manage anxiety while your relatives are defending Ukraine
965 2023.09.18 International Criminal Court field office opens in Kyiv
966 2023.09.18 Deadline extended for compensation of lost crops from the terrorist attack at Kakhovka HPP
967 2023.09.18 The United States is implementing fresh sanctions against russia
968 2023.09.18 The draft budget for 2024 prioritizes the defense and security of Ukraine
969 2023.09.18 5.8 billion UAH already allocated for IDP payments in September
970 2023.09.18 Bodies of 51 fallen soldiers returned to Ukraine
971 2023.09.18 The Presidium of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities under the President of Ukraine held a meeting dedicated to Kharkiv region
972 2023.09.18 More than 84 million UAH in state aid has already been paid to those affected by flooding in Kherson and Mykolaiv regions
973 2023.09.15 Iryna Vereshchuk: We must help our people to leave the TOT
974 2023.09.15 The Government has allocated nearly half a billion hryvnias to help rebuild the region
975 2023.09.15 Poland to insure investors interested in Ukraine’s reconstruction
976 2023.09.15 A mechanism for the return of deported Ukrainian children developed
977 2023.09.15 Nearly 800 war-damaged medical facilities rebuilt in Ukraine
978 2023.09.15 Online application for free legal aid for Ukrainians in TOT and abroad
979 2023.09.15 Residents of two regions can receive grants for their businesses
980 2023.09.15 Ukrainians gradually accustomed to the use of professional psychological help
981 2023.09.15 A new online financial literacy platform launched by the National Bank of Ukraine
982 2023.09.14 The government must ensure an inclusive approach to vulnerable groups
983 2023.09.14 Preparations for the winter are on schedule and reaching the final stage
984 2023.09.14 A meeting was held to resolve some issues regarding the registration of IDPs and payment of government assistance to IDPs
985 2023.09.14 The function of missing persons was transferred from the Ministry of Reintegration to the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Defense, and the Coordination Center for the Treatment of Prisoners of War
986 2023.09.14 Council of Europe launches competition for children and young people to research national heritage
987 2023.09.14 Fake elections in the TOT are a farce combined with trying to register men to continue mobilizing
988 2023.09.14 Iryna Vereshchuk: We need an effective mechanism for finding and returning civilians
989 2023.09.14 Banks provided more than 140 billion UAH in affordable loans to businesses during martial law
990 2023.09.12 Another Ukrainian Business Grant Program
991 2023.09.12 The special online psychological self-help simulator is available in Ukraine
992 2023.09.12 A regular meeting of the Coordinating Headquarters for the Protection of Children’s Rights under Martial Law was held
993 2023.09.12 Ukraine launches the third annual contest “Civil Society, Business and Government – Best Practices of Cooperation”
994 2023.09.12 Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk: Blocking the social accounts of IDPs is unacceptable
995 2023.09.12 Over half a thousand Ukrainian children spent this summer abroad
996 2023.09.12 Businesses in Sumy, Kharkiv, and Chernihiv regions can receive up to 1 million UAH for energy-efficient equipment
997 2023.09.12 The presidential administration presented two new documents on strengthening energy sanctions and confiscating russian assets abroad
998 2023.09.12 Civil Society Week starts soon
999 2023.09.12 Instructions to ministries to develop their concepts for the personnel reserve for the de-occupied territories
1000 2023.09.12 The Story of the happy return of a Ukrainian child
1001 2023.09.12 Since this year, the state has compensated entrepreneurs 126 million UAH for employing more than 10,000 IDPs
1002 2023.09.12 The third summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen dedicated to mental health took place in Kyiv
1003 2023.09.12 E-residency: Eventually foreigners will be able to start a business and pay taxes in Ukraine online
1004 2023.09.12 eRecovery: 1 billion UAH already paid to Ukrainians for housing reconstruction
1005 2023.09.12 The Human Rights and Integration of Vulnerable Groups in Ukraine grant competition continues
1006 2023.09.12 How Ukrainians can get a passport and a tax ID number at the same time
1007 2023.09.11 Families with children can apply for four other types of government assistance on the Diia portal
1008 2023.09.11 Ukraine launches new educational app “Mriia”
1009 2023.09.11 The state has already provided business development grants to 7 thousand entrepreneurs
1010 2023.09.11 On the approval of the List of territories on which hostilities are (were) conducted or temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation
1011 2023.09.06 The number of new companies in Ukraine is on the rise
1012 2023.09.06 In August, the National Information Bureau received more than 17 thousand appeals
1013 2023.09.06 Greece extends temporary protection to Ukrainians
1014 2023.09.06 What to do to avoid suspension of IDP payments when a person is absent during residency verification
1015 2023.09.05 A selection of centers where families with children can get help and support
1016 2023.09.05 The Ministry of Reintegration hotlines received about 50,000 calls in August
1017 2023.09.05 Mental health to be topic of global dialogue at Third Summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen
1018 2023.09.05 Ukraine announces grant to improve integration of IDPs into communities
1019 2023.09.05 The Netherlands launched a grant program for international companies willing to participate in Ukraine’s recovery
1020 2023.09.04 How can managers create a positive team atmosphere?
1021 2023.09.04 Online currency sales resumed by PrivatBank
1022 2023.09.04 What to pack in a student’s backpack for a comfortable shelter stay
1023 2023.09.04 A special online simulator for psychological self-help is available in Ukraine
1024 2023.09.04 Grant competition announced for nongovernmental organizations helping Ukrainians affected by war
1025 2023.09.04 Resources for the protection of children’s rights: A list of organizations
1026 2023.09.04 Ukraine receives $232 million for emergency housing repairs from World Bank
1027 2023.09.04 Switzerland joins the international register of Ukraine’s Damages caused by russia’s aggression
1028 2023.09.04 The agenda of the meeting of the Coordination Center for Internally Displaced Persons includes the establishment of councils for internally displaced persons and payments to IDPs
1029 2023.09.04 12 Ukrainian women released from captivity receive financial support from Sheptytsky Foundation
1030 2023.09.04 Another 11 children in occupation custody in the TOT have been returned home
1031 2023.09.04 The government allocates more than UAH 277 million to compensate for the free sheltering of displaced persons
1032 2023.09.04 The Government has established requirements for providing temporary shelter for internally displaced persons
1033 2023.09.04 The UN World Food Program provided financial assistance to more than 260,000 pensioners
1034 2023.09.04 More than 1,700 people are ready to participate in the restoration of the de-occupied territories by joining the personnel reserve
1035 2023.09.04 Lviv Municipality joins support for agricultural processing enterprises
1036 2023.09.04 Ukrainian Catholic University launches Crimean Tatar language course
1037 2023.09.04 Affected communities in Mykolaiv Oblast can receive grants to support and develop small businesses
1038 2023.09.04 Levko Lukyanenko Scholarships awarded to 9 political prisoners in August
1039 2023.09.04 The Commissioner for Missing Persons in Special Circumstances has already received more than a thousand requests for legal assistance
1040 2023.09.04 Banks have provided 60 billion UAH in affordable loans to businesses since the beginning of the year
1041 2023.09.04 A new university has opened in Ukraine to train psychology professionals
1042 2023.08.31 With the participation of the Ministry of Reintegration, another child returned from the temporarily occupied territory
1043 2023.08.31 How to spot fake news?
1044 2023.08.31 A portal appears in Ukraine, uniting companies ready to contribute to the restoration of Crimea after its liberation
1045 2023.08.31 Taking care of mental health: new hotlines for Ukrainians abroad
1046 2023.08.31 10,000 Ukrainian families will receive financial assistance for housing reconstruction as part of the eRecovery program
1047 2023.08.31 The number of IDPs applying for education vouchers has multiplied
1048 2023.08.31 United States imposes sanctions on those involved in the deportation of Ukrainian children
1049 2023.08.31 The number of apartments for the evacuated population of Zaporizhzhia has increased
1050 2023.08.31 A meeting of the Coordinating Headquarters for the Protection of Children’s Rights under Martial Law was held
1051 2023.08.31 Parliament adopts a resolution on the priorities of state policy in the field of de-occupying, reintegrating, and restoring Crimea
1052 2023.08.31 Amendments to the list of territories where military operations are ( were) being conducted or temporarily occupied have been approved
1053 2023.08.31 How to prepare a child for school?
1054 2023.08.30 Extended meeting of the Presidium of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities under the President of Ukraine
1055 2023.08.30 The government will allocate 1.7 billion UAH for reconstruction projects in the regions
1056 2023.08.30 We must not only win. We must also prevent future wars
1057 2023.08.30 New education and grant program for Ukrainian entrepreneurs implemented
1058 2023.08.30 Five settlements in Zaporizhia region announce forced evacuation of children
1059 2023.08.30 Ukraine returned the bodies of 84 defenders
1060 2023.08.30 There are no limits to building a personnel reserve. Everyone can be helpful in one way or another
1061 2023.08.30 Parliament approval of the law on the rationalization of the administrative and territorial structure of Crimea
1062 2023.08.29 The government will reimburse employers for the cost of making workplaces accessible to people with disabilities
1063 2023.08.29 The government decides to raise the salaries of state employees and social workers in dangerous areas
1064 2023.08.29 Ukrainian entrepreneurs will be able to participate in a training course in the EU
1065 2023.08.29 Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk held a meeting on transitional legislation for the de-occupied territories
1066 2023.08.29 The United Nations launched an initiative to support Ukraine during the winter period
1067 2023.08.29 Over 66 million UAH in state aid has already been paid to those affected by flooding in Kherson and Mykolaiv regions
1068 2023.08.25 The government is developing an economic model for the development of Crimea as part of the strategy for the restoration of the peninsula after its de-occupation
1069 2023.08.25 The Parliament supports the draft law on the recognition of the education obtained in the occupied territories
1070 2023.08.25 The government has allocated a total of 4.6 billion UAH to overcome the consequences of the enemy explosion of the Kakhovka HPP
1071 2023.08.25 Temporary protection for Ukrainian asylum seekers in the United States extended
1072 2023.08.25 August 24 – Independence Day of Ukraine
1073 2023.08.25 EU approves another 1.5 billion euros in aid for Ukraine
1074 2023.08.25 The draft law on the education system in the TOT is a matter of concern for the future of the liberated territories
1075 2023.08.25 The government decides to raise the salaries of state employees and social workers in dangerous areas
1076 2023.08.23 All Ukrainians can participate in the restoration of the territories
1077 2023.08.23 Model regulations for IDP councils were the subject of a special webinar
1078 2023.08.23 The occupation elections in the TOT are another kremlin farce. Even its allies will not recognize them
1079 2023.08.23 Integration of veterans in public life: Cherkasy Regional Military Administration presents a project
1080 2023.08.23 Subsidy for IDPs: how to get it in a new place?
1081 2023.08.21 The Czech Republic is encouraging Ukrainian asylum seekers to return home
1082 2023.08.21 Forum of councils of internally displaced persons in Poltava
1083 2023.08.21 We need to scale good veteran practices
1084 2023.08.21 Sunburn first aid
1085 2023.08.21 How to cope with stress: effective self-help techniques
1086 2023.08.21 How can those released from captivity receive an education voucher?
1087 2023.08.21 Iryna Vereshchuk held a meeting of the Coordination Center for Internally Displaced Persons
1088 2023.08.21 How to issue a digital card eRecovery in Oschadbank
1089 2023.08.21 How to support a person with “survivor” syndrome?
1090 2023.08.21 Formation of IDP Councils in Dnepropetrovsk, Rivne, and Zaporizhzhia Regional Military Administrations: how to participate
1091 2023.08.21 Funding for the eOselia program has been increased: What is known?
1092 2023.08.20 Career Hub – women’s wartime opportunities and work
1093 2023.08.20 Switzerland won’t recognize passports issued by russia in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine
1094 2023.08.20 Ukrainian entrepreneurs can join a free online training program
1095 2023.08.20 Citizens’ initiative in support of Ukrainians registered in the EU
1096 2023.08.20 The Diia portal has expanded the list of regions where you can register real estate online
1097 2023.08.20 Ukrainian micro-enterprises can receive up to 4000 EUR for business recovery
1098 2023.08.20 Municipalities have set up commissions to consider compensation for destroyed housing
1099 2023.08.20 Iryna Vereshchuk attended a meeting with foreign ambassadors on the implementation of President Zelensky’s peace plan
1100 2023.08.20 Ukraine begins training veterans’ assistants
1101 2023.08.20 Mine safety becomes part of the educational process for school children
1102 2023.08.20 Funds for IDPs and families with children to start their businesses
1103 2023.08.20 Formation of IDP Councils at Kyiv City and Regional Military Administrations Begins
1104 2023.08.20 A hotline for psychological support for victims of the war is in operation
1105 2023.08.20 Humanitarian response in Ukraine: Results of the first half of the year 2023
1106 2023.08.20 Shopping online safely
1107 2023.08.20 Finding and identifying missing persons is greatly accelerated by the timely delivery of DNA material
1108 2023.08.20 In July, the Ministry of Reintegration transferred 13 million UAH to the families of prisoners
1109 2023.08.20 Mechanisms to return Ukrainian territories to the Donetsk region developed
1110 2023.08.20 Czech people show good historical memory of Sudetenland events by helping Ukraine
1111 2023.08.20 How to help a child deal with stress?
1112 2023.08.20 Citizens who are forced to evacuate from Kupiansk district can find free housing through the “Shelter” program
1113 2023.08.20 How to use digital documents in Diia
1114 2023.08.20 The commission under the Ministry of Reintegration supported the granting of Levko Lukyanenko scholarship to a prisoner of the occupiers
1115 2023.08.18 Formation of the Council on IDPs at the Kherson Regional Military Administration: how to join
1116 2023.08.18 Over 5.7 billion UAH already allocated for IDP payments in August
1117 2023.08.18 Evacuation of citizens to safe regions of Ukraine continues
1118 2023.08.18 The number of people willing to work in the de-occupied territories is growing
1119 2023.08.18 Ukraine should form a unified state veterans’ policy
1120 2023.08.14 New draft law on internally displaced persons – a response to the challenges of a full-scale invasion
1121 2023.08.14 One of the state’s priorities is individualized support for veterans and their families
1122 2023.08.14 Tourist trip to Italy for children from Dnipropetrovsk region
1123 2023.08.14 Veterans and their families received UAH 21 million in business development grants
1124 2023.08.14 Rest in Ternopil for children from Kherson region
1125 2023.08.14 Financial aid for victims of floods in Kherson and Mykolaiv regions Government extends deadline for applications for payments
1126 2023.08.14 How a person abroad can refuse IDP payments: explanation
1127 2023.08.14 How to get financial support from the state for the loss of crops due to the explosion of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant?
1128 2023.08.14 The United States has committed more than $66 billion in aid to Ukraine since the war began
1129 2023.08.14 Families of missing persons should be aware of social media information security
1130 2023.08.14 22 Ukrainian def enders released from captivity
1131 2023.08.14 The procedure for electronic information interaction between the Ministry of Reintegration and the Ministry of Interior is approved
1132 2023.08.14 The post-war world order is undergoing global reformatting, and Ukraine will be one of the leaders in this process
1133 2023.08.14 What is the right way to suggest that a relative see a psychologist?
1134 2023.08.11 4.77 billion UAH allocated for regional restoration projects and the purchase of special equipment
1135 2023.08.11 Creation of the Council of Internally Displaced Persons at the Cherkasy Regional Military Administration begins: how to participate
1136 2023.08.11 Ukrainian Parliament calls on the World not to recognize “elections” in the temporarily occupied territories
1137 2023.08.11 340 Veteran Assistant volunteers signed up
1138 2023.08.11 With the help of the Ministry of Reintegration, children from the Khmelnytskyi region will have a rest in Croatia
1139 2023.08.11 To cover the losses to the local budgets of the affected regions, the government has allocated 1.3 billion UAH in additional subsidies
1140 2023.08.11 It is possible and necessary to leave through the humanitarian corridor Kolotylivka – Pokrovka!”
1141 2023.08.11 Government extends deadline for identifying recipients of pensions and social benefits in Oshadbank
1142 2023.08.11 Businesses that supply food to the population of the de-occupied territories must not be deprived of electricity
1143 2023.08.07 For the attention of Ukrainians evacuated from the TOT: humanitarian corridor Kolotylivka – Pokrovka has been reopened
1144 2023.08.07 If you have new information about a missing person, please report it to the Commissioner’s Hotline
1145 2023.08.07 Ukrainian companies to receive business development grants from EU4Business
1146 2023.08.07 Ukraine has identified more than 232 thousand war criminals and traitors
1147 2023.08.07 How do you communicate with military personnel who have just returned from the front?
1148 2023.08.07 War-affected micro-enterprises and IDP entrepreneurs are eligible for grants
1149 2023.08.07 Training of candidates for veterans’ assistants begins in Vinnytsia and Mykolaiv regions
1150 2023.08.07 More than 4,600 IDP doctors are already employed in host regions
1151 2023.08.07 How to register a child born in TOT
1152 2023.08.07 eRecovery: almost 400 million UAH allocated for the restoration of damaged housing
1153 2023.08.07 In July, the hotlines of the Ministry of Reintegration received more than 58 thousand calls
1154 2023.08.07 Local communities in 4 regions can receive grants for social services for people with disabilities
1155 2023.08.07 Cooperation among civil support centers is key to their effectiveness
1156 2023.08.07 The forced evacuation of children in nine more settlements in Donetsk region
1157 2023.08.07 The government allocated more than 94.6 million UAH to support evacuees
1158 2023.08.07 East or West home is bestEast or West home is best
1159 2023.08.07 Government approves regulations for local IDP councils
1160 2023.08.07 The Cabinet of Ministers supported the amendments regulating the issue of crediting time served in prison for TOT
1161 2023.08.07 Potential for the development of the state are Ukrainians returning from abroad
1162 2023.08.07 Ukraine returns bodies of 44 more killed defenders
1163 2023.08.07 o provide comprehensive local support to veterans, we must coordinate at the state level
1164 2023.08.07 The number of people returning to Ukraine is growing – State Border Guard Service
1165 2023.08.02 Payment deadlines for IDPs changed
1166 2023.08.02 Our goal is to focus payments on those IDPs who need it most
1167 2023.08.02 Business Support in the Occupied Territories: New Opportunities for Manufacturing Companies
1168 2023.08.02 Nearly 1400 people want to work in the de-occupied territories
1169 2023.08.02 The United States Department of State: russia must stop the transfer of Ukrainian citizens, including children, from the temporarily occupied territories
1170 2023.08.02 The passport restoration process for IDPs
1171 2023.08.02 The United States provides Ukraine with social and humanitarian grant
1172 2023.08.02 Government postpones changes to family allowances for IDPs
1173 2023.08.02 The pavement can wait!
1174 2023.07.31 The government allocated funds to restore the energy sector for the heating season
1175 2023.07.31 Preparation for winter and safety of Ukrainians – key tasks of the President at the Congress of local and regional governments
1176 2023.07.31 The Ministry of Reintegration continues state payments to those released from captivity and to the families of prisoners
1177 2023.07.31 Young Ukrainian Entrepreneurs Invited to Participate in European Startup Competition
1178 2023.07.31 Where to go for psychological help for teens?
1179 2023.07.31 A grant competition has been announced to support culture in the de-occupied and front-line territories
1180 2023.07.31 How do I enroll a child in school upon return to Ukraine?
1181 2023.07.31 NGOs can receive a grant to help war-affected communities in southern and eastern Ukraine
1182 2023.07.31 How can you help your child overcome the fear of an air raid siren?
1183 2023.07.31 Teenagers will be able to get free legal aid on their own
1184 2023.07.31 Iryna Vereshchuk held a meeting of the Coordination Center for Internally Displaced Persons
1185 2023.07.31 We must develop a unified approach to the rehabilitation of people released from captivity
1186 2023.07.31 During the year of the eRobota program, more than 6,000 state grants were approved for a total amount of more than 4.5 billion UAH
1187 2023.07.31 Ongoing normative work on TOT
1188 2023.07.31 Crimean Tatar spelling development in Ukraine ordered by the government
1189 2023.07.31 No matter what they hide behind: Those involved in the deportation of Ukrainian children will be punished
1190 2023.07.31 Draft Priority Action Plans for the stabilization and reintegration of Donetsk and Luhansk regions agreed
1191 2023.07.31 The Day of Ukrainian Statehood, a holiday of freedom and memory
1192 2023.07.31 The United States will present evidence of russian war crimes to the International Criminal Court
1193 2023.07.26 The current deputy of Ukraine is suspected of treason
1194 2023.07.26 Ukrainians will receive compensation for repairing damaged housing at their own expense
1195 2023.07.26 The second group of children from Zaporizhzhia will spend their summer vacation in Hungary
1196 2023.07.26 Who qualifies for exemption from passport document issuance fees
1197 2023.07.26 Applications for Rehabilitation Trip for Ukrainian Women Released from Captivity Extended
1198 2023.07.26 The coordination centers’ cooperation with international donors is an essential component of success
1199 2023.07.26 How can a TOT applicant apply to a university without a high school diploma?
1200 2023.07.26 Growing demand for vocational training among IDPs
1201 2023.07.26 A pilot project is underway to introduce the institution of a veteran’s assistant
1202 2023.07.26 How to protect yourself from Phishing scams
1203 2023.07.26 How do you prepare yourself and your child for returning from abroad?
1204 2023.07.26 Labor market trends: Which vacancies are relevant now?
1205 2023.07.26 Peculiarities of the validity of the passport of a citizen of Ukraine during the period of martial law
1206 2023.07.26 In Kherson region, free legal aid is available
1207 2023.07.24 In Poltava region, Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk attended the opening of a modular city for internally displaced persons
1208 2023.07.24 The Coordination Centre for Internally Displaced Persons focuses on the Shelter Program and payments to IDPs
1209 2023.07.24 Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk made a working visit to Poltava region
1210 2023.07.24 How to get a Ukrainian passport if you only have a soviet-type passport
1211 2023.07.24 Soon, access to government registries will be restored in some areas of active hostilities
1212 2023.07.24 Coordination at all levels is crucial to success in supporting the mental health of Ukrainians
1213 2023.07.21 The staff reserve for the de-occupied territories is most in need of civil servants and local government specialists
1214 2023.07.21 Ukraine prepares for the next heating season, taking into account possible threats
1215 2023.07.21 Homeowners can remotely apply for compensation for sheltering IDPs
1216 2023.07.21 Let’s rebuild Ukraine: more than 1000 people have already applied to join the personnel reserve to work in the de-occupied territories
1217 2023.07.21 The role of women is important for the country’s recovery
1218 2023.07.21 17.9 million UAH in state aid has already been paid to those affected by the floods
1219 2023.07.21 We need to streamline the prosthetic process for veterans
1220 2023.07.21 To get a driver’s license, TOT citizens can present an IDP certificate
1221 2023.07.20 Dmytro Kuleba calls on the International Criminal Court to issue an arrest warrant for the head of the Belarusian Red Cross
1222 2023.07.20 Administrative procedures for registration of civil status acts take place in the TOT
1223 2023.07.20 Government Approves Pilot Project to Restore Kakhovka Hydroelectric Plant
1224 2023.07.20 To speed up the search for children
1225 2023.07.20 The Sheptytsky Foundation will provide financial support to another 22 Ukrainian women released from captivity
1226 2023.07.20 How do I get a Certificate of Residence?
1227 2023.07.19 How can children from low-income families improve their health?
1228 2023.07.19 How to get a ready-made passport if the State Migration Service unit has stopped working
1229 2023.07.18 The United States Provides More Than $500 Million in Additional Humanitarian Assistance for the People of Ukraine
1230 2023.07.18 The second phase of the Veterans Assistants selection process is underway
1231 2023.07.18 UK announces new sanctions in response to russia’s forced deportation of Ukrainian children
1232 2023.07.18 Residents flee peninsula massed after Crimean bridge blown up
1233 2023.07.18 Children in 10 settlements in Kharkiv region forcibly evacuated
1234 2023.07.18 A stress management course is now on your phone
1235 2023.07.18 Ukraine has created an online map of medical institutions where you can get free psychological and psychiatric care
1236 2023.07.18 Most Ukrainian asylum seekers plan to return home – UN study
1237 2023.07.18 Former collaborator parliamentarian in support of russian aggression exposed
1238 2023.07.18 Non-governmental organizations can receive grants for projects to improve the integration of IDPs into communities
1239 2023.07.18 The Summer School on International Humanitarian Law for Officials has started
1240 2023.07.18 Ukrainians in temporarily occupied territories and abroad can receive free legal aid
1241 2023.07.18 Expanded possibilities for Ukrainians leaving the TOT to obtain a taxpayer card
1242 2023.07.18 Which categories of IDPs will be eligible for 12 months of assistance?
1243 2023.07.17 Regarding the identification of pension and social benefits recipients at “Oshadbank”
1244 2023.07.17 Information on the activities of the Office of the Commissioner is now available on the official website
1245 2023.07.17 Children from Kherson region will be able to rest abroad for free
1246 2023.07.17 The possibility of free evacuation Sumy region has appeared
1247 2023.07.17 The state should prioritize the psychological recovery of military personnel and veterans
1248 2023.07.14 Verkhovna Rada adopts changes to the dates of holidays in Ukraine
1249 2023.07.14 Ukraine returns bodies of 62 fallen defenders
1250 2023.07.14 The government has expanded the list of services available at Administrative Service Centers
1251 2023.07.14 Citizens may receive a certificate of identity or confirmation of citizenship at the time of passport issuance
1252 2023.07.14 Increased the number of training places for managers to work in the de-occupied territories
1253 2023.07.13 The procedure for IDP payments has changed: Who will not receive assistance
1254 2023.07.13 How to apply for a Ukrainian passport for a 14-year-old child from TOT
1255 2023.07.13 During the year, the bodies of 19 defenders who died in captivity were returned
1256 2023.07.13 In July, 9 political prisoners received scholarships named after Levko Lukyanenko
1257 2023.07.12 4 billion UAH was allocated for payments to IDPs in the first period of July
1258 2023.07.12 We need to develop a unified state policy for veterans
1259 2023.07.12 Government allocates over 140 million UAH to pay state aid to prisoners of war
1260 2023.07.12 Regions united to rebuild Kherson region
1261 2023.07.12 More than 31 thousand new individual entrepreneurs registered in June
1262 2023.07.12 Join the reconstruction effort: More than 500 people have already applied to join the reserve of workers to work in the occupied territories
1263 2023.07.12 Children from Zaporizhzhia will spend their summer vacation in Hungary
1264 2023.07.12 Government changes the procedure for payments to IDPs
1265 2023.07.12 Ukraine recruits veteran assistants: how to participate
1266 2023.07.12 List of higher education institutions that will provide training for a reserve of educators to work in the de-occupied territories
1267 2023.07.10 Iryna Vereshchuk calls to join the reserve of workers to work in the de-occupied territories
1268 2023.07.10 The decision to evacuate residents of the border area was made in Sumy region
1269 2023.07.10 Assistance for rehabilitating certain categories of children can now be obtained without needing to visit the Social Security Administration
1270 2023.07.10 Hotlines of the Office of the Commissioner for Missing Persons in Special Circumstances
1271 2023.07.10 ” How are you?” – Self-help techniques as part of the All-Ukrainian Mental Health Program
1272 2023.07.10 Single number for all emergencies launched in Kyiv
1273 2023.07.10 Iryna Vereshchuk held a meeting of the Coordination Center for Internally Displaced Persons
1274 2023.07.07 The clergy should become a driving force in the reconstruction of the liberated territories
1275 2023.07.07 Polish Investment and Trade Agency resumes work in Kyiv
1276 2023.07.07 Victims of the flood begin to receive 5 thousand UAH of state aid
1277 2023.07.07 47 Ukrainians, including 2 children, returned from Russian captivity
1278 2023.07.07 The state has invested 4 billion UAH in business development since the beginning of the eRobota program
1279 2023.07.07 COVID certificates are no longer required in Ukraine due to the lifting of quarantine restrictions
1280 2023.07.07 Extracts from the Uniform Register of Missing Persons in Special Circumstances are issued free of charge to the following persons
1281 2023.07.07 In June, the Ministry of Reintegration transferred 42.1 million UAH to the families of prisoners
1282 2023.07.06 Launching a project to create a personnel reserve for the de-occupied territories
1283 2023.07.06 The government began providing financial assistance to those affected by the flooding
1284 2023.07.06 The Parliament Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe recognizes russia as a state sponsor of terrorism
1285 2023.07.06 In June, the hotlines of the Ministry of Reintegration received more than 48 thousand calls
1286 2023.07.06 The State Employment Service facilitated the employment of 47,000 IDPs
1287 2023.07.06 Mobile shelters set up in Kherson region with support from Ukrainian Red Cross
1288 2023.07.06 Every eight days, a free evacuation train will run from Donetsk to the Zhytomyr region
1289 2023.07.06 Punishment of traitors and collaborators is demanded by society
1290 2023.07.06 Draft law creating a patronage service for registered veterans
1291 2023.07.06 Those who wish to join the personnel reserve for work in the de-occupied territories will be able to retrain.
1292 2023.07.06 More than 43 billion euros were spent on sheltering Ukrainians by European countries
1293 2023.07.03 International Center for Investigation of Aggression Crimes Against Ukraine opens in The Hague
1294 2023.07.03 The Reserve of Government Employees for Work in the De-occupied Territories of Ukraine is Now Accepting Applications
1295 2023.07.03 Ministry of Reintegration has improved receiving electronic appeals
1296 2023.07.03 Under martial law, Ukrainians abroad have simplified access to state registration of civil status acts
1297 2023.07.03 The Ministry of Reintegration honors ministry employees
1298 2023.07.03 Latvia extends Ukrainian asylum seekers’ temporary protection
1299 2023.07.03 How to protect yourself from elevated radiation levels
1300 2023.07.03 For some reason, traitor Yevhen Balytskyi still has the mandate of regional council deputy!
1301 2023.07.03 Guilty will be punished: first suspects for the deportation of Ukrainian Children announcement
1302 2023.07.03 A regular meeting of the Coordination Center for the Reconstruction of the De-occupied Territories was held
1303 2023.07.03 Identification forms for persons with disabilities are available in all regions
1304 2023.07.03 Implementation of the Institute of Veteran’s Assistant begins
1305 2023.07.03 The Ministry of Education has increased the state order for the work of managers in the de-occupied territories
1306 2023.06.30 The UN International Organization for Migration began providing financial assistance to those affected by the floods.
1307 2023.06.30 Iryna Vereshchuk: Integrating IDPs into communities is a priority for the government
1308 2023.06.30 1184 Ukrainian children illegally transferred to “guardianship” by russians
1309 2023.06.29 170 billion in international aid to Ukraine
1310 2023.06.29 Citizens continue to evacuate to safe regions of Ukraine
1311 2023.06.29 UN puts russian army on ‘shameful list’ for crimes against Ukrainian children
1312 2023.06.29 In a few days, Ukraine will end COVID-19 quarantine
1313 2023.06.29 State Border Guard Service: Increase in outbound traffic due to holidays
1314 2023.06.29 Government agencies are ready and working on all possible scenarios for the development of events at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant
1315 2023.06.29 The accreditation of journalists for the press conference on “State Support for the Internally Displaced Persons” is in progress
1316 2023.06.29 June 28 is the Day of the Constitution of Ukraine.
1317 2023.06.29 The Embassy of Ukraine in Poland resumed work at the call center
1318 2023.06.29 Currently, 126 women are in Russian captivity
1319 2023.06.27 A hotline for applicants from the Temporarily Occupied Territories has been set up for the 2023 admissions campaign.
1320 2023.06.27 Where to contact the families of missing persons in Donetsk, Kherson, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kirovohrad regions
1321 2023.06.27 All social security departments are required to accept applications for financial assistance for flood victims
1322 2023.06.26 Grant program in two regions of Ukraine to support business start-ups
1323 2023.06.26 We remind you that relatives of prisoners can keep in touch with them through correspondence
1324 2023.06.26 Crimean Tatar Flag Day is a symbol of unity, the struggle for freedom, and the right to identity
1325 2023.06.26 Free legal advice for families of missing persons
1326 2023.06.26 Levko Lukyanenko scholarships were awarded to 9 political prisoners in June
1327 2023.06.26 “Nova Poshta” opened a second post office in the Czech Republic
1328 2023.06.26 Dealing with anxiety: effective self-help techniques
1329 2023.06.26 How to return safely to a flooded home
1330 2023.06.26 Occupants continue to use children to deceive and manipulate
1331 2023.06.26 Changes in housing and social services for Ukrainians in the Czech Republic from July 1
1332 2023.06.26 According to the results of the Recovery Conference in London, Ukraine will receive a package of international financial support – Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal
1333 2023.06.26 Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk: If russia ignores the United Nations, why is it a member of this organization?
1334 2023.06.25 The government approves the process of upgrading the skills of employees to work in the de-occupied territories.
1335 2023.06.25 A regular meeting of the Coordination Center for the Protection of Children’s Rights under Martial Law was held under the chairmanship of Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk
1336 2023.06.25 The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted a resolution on the political consequences of russia’s aggression against Ukraine
1337 2023.06.25 The Sheptytsky Foundation helps Ukrainian women released from captivity
1338 2023.06.25 Ministry of the Interior invites people with disabilities and war veterans to work
1339 2023.06.23 Victims of flooding in the temporarily occupied Kherson region can receive one-time financial assistance if they move to the controlled territory
1340 2023.06.23 The bodies of 51 fallen defenders returned to Ukraine
1341 2023.06.23 Commissions continue to inspect housing damaged or destroyed as a result of the explosion of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant
1342 2023.06.23 Victims of wartime violence can receive free legal aid
1343 2023.06.23 Civilian support centers should become real coordination platforms – Iryna Vereshchuk
1344 2023.06.23 Solidarity step with Ukraine: World Bank and donors allocate additional funds for recovery
1345 2023.06.23 State Emergency Service officer killed in Kherson while performing a mission
1346 2023.06.23 The Prime Minister of Ukraine named the main aspects of the country’s recovery
1347 2023.06.22 The European Union recognizes Ukrainian driving licenses
1348 2023.06.22 Useful online services for obtaining social services
1349 2023.06.22 A competition of projects is announced for public organizations
1350 2023.06.22 National Bank obliges banks and exchangers to accept old banknotes
1351 2023.06.22 IDP women invited to free retraining courses
1352 2023.06.21 What to do after flooding: useful tips
1353 2023.06.21 Occupants continue to ignore the United Nations and international law
1354 2023.06.21 Ukrainians can study in Poland for free
1355 2023.06.21 In Poland, asylum seekers from Ukraine can get advice from the International Organization for Migration hotline.
1356 2023.06.21 Location of more than 200 missing persons as a result of ecocide in Kherson region established
1357 2023.06.21 We continue to stand side by side and help those who had to leave their homes
1358 2023.06.21 IDPs receive guaranteed payments for June
1359 2023.06.21 An educational program for entrepreneurs who want to contribute to Ukraine’s reconstruction
1360 2023.06.21 Only the Ministry of Internal Affairs issues extracts from the Unified Register of Persons Missing in Special Circumstances
1361 2023.06.17 Estonian Parliament Supports Establishment of Special Tribunal for the Crime of russian Aggression
1362 2023.06.17 Coordination and counseling centers – assistance to victims of war
1363 2023.06.17 The Cabinet of Ministers has approved the decision to pay financial support to the victims of flooding
1364 2023.06.17 Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk held a meeting on taxation in the territories of active military operations and temporarily occupied territories
1365 2023.06.17 European Parliament adopts resolution supporting Ukraine’s accession to NATO
1366 2023.06.16 Ukrainian small businesses can receive grants from the EU and Germany
1367 2023.06.16 Foreign nationals, especially children, must leave the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine
1368 2023.06.16 European Union countries will help Ukraine overcome the consequences of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric power plant explosion.
1369 2023.06.16 One-time financial assistance is planned for those affected by water flooding
1370 2023.06.16 Some restrictions continue to apply in the Kherson region
1371 2023.06.16 We appeal to the embassies of foreign countries to conduct additional work with the citizens of their countries to ensure that they leave all the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine
1372 2023.06.14 eRecovery program will fully cover flooded regions
1373 2023.06.14 Commissions established in each territorial community will record the facts of damaged and destroyed property in Kherson region
1374 2023.06.14 Iryna Vereshchuk: “We must support financially the residents of the regions affected by the ecocide”
1375 2023.06.14 The European Union continues to support Ukraine and its people
1376 2023.06.13 Government adopts decision to overcome consequences of Kakhovka Hydroelectric power plant explosion
1377 2023.06.13 “I thank the people who have responded and are helping Kherson residents with shelter!”
1378 2023.06.13 Law extending temporary protection for Ukrainian citizens, published in Poland
1379 2023.06.13 Control over the epidemiological situation will be strengthened in Kherson region
1380 2023.06.13 Where to contact for evacuation from Kherson region
1381 2023.06.12 Russian passport as a device of genocide
1382 2023.06.12 How can Ukrainian asylum applicants in Poland check their temporary protection status?
1383 2023.06.12 Exchange of worn-out and “old” dollars – clarification from the National Bank of Ukraine
1384 2023.06.12 How to apply for a passport for a child born abroad
1385 2023.06.12 Where to contact the victims of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant explosion for psychological help
1386 2023.06.12 We need a unified algorithm to support people affected by russian aggression
1387 2023.06.12 “Together to study!” — children from Kharkiv region received tablets and laptops
1388 2023.06.12 From now on, Ukrainians abroad can apply to assign or renew a pension remotely
1389 2023.06.12 Evacuated residents of Kherson region can receive financial assistance from an international organization
1390 2023.06.12 One more story about the happy return of a Ukrainian child
1391 2023.06.12 In May, the Ministry of Reintegration transferred UAH 20.8 million for financial assistance to evacuated displaced persons
1392 2023.06.12 Amendments to the List of territories in which hostilities are or have been conducted or temporarily occupied were approved
1393 2023.06.12 Training evacuation of civilians was conducted in Zaporizhzhia
1394 2023.06.12 Kherson’s residents evacuated from flooded areas can find free housing through the “Shelter” program
1395 2023.06.12 The program of affordable loans of 5-7-9% should work for the de-occupied territories
1396 2023.06.09 The Government has increased the amount of expenditures for social protection of those released from captivity
1397 2023.06.09 It is important for everyone who helps Kherson residents to coordinate their actions through the emergency response center
1398 2023.06.09 Residents of Kherson region with less mobility should wait in safe regions
1399 2023.06.09 Crimean Tatar language has all the prospects for development in Ukraine
1400 2023.06.09 In May, the emergency hotlines of the Ministry of Reintegration received about 75 thousand appeals
1401 2023.03.22 Agreement on extended financing of USD 15.6 billion for Ukraine’s recovery reached with the IMF
1402 2023.03.22 A plan for demining agricultural land approved
1403 2023.03.22 Iryna Vereshchuk: “People who survived the occupation will definitely receive payments from international donors”
1404 2023.03.21 Iryna Vereshchuk calls for launching regional projects on psychosocial assistance following the example of Kharkiv
1405 2023.03.21 Ministry of Reintegration supports initiative of territorial communities to change status and restore access to state registers
1406 2023.03.20 The Ministry of Reintegration is working on the return of Ukrainian citizens to their homeland
1407 2023.03.20 Iryna Vereshchuk on payments to IDPs: there must be trust between the state and citizens
1408 2023.03.20 About 600 thousand Ukrainians return to work since the beginning of the war
1409 2023.03.20 Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk demands lists of deported Ukrainian orphans from Russians
1410 2023.03.19 Under what conditions is repeated DNA examination of missing persons possible?
1411 2023.03.18 UAH 76.5 billion allocated from the state budget for social payments over 2 months
1412 2023.03.18 The arrest warrant for putin is the result of a hard and meticulous work
1413 2023.03.18 The Ministry of Reintegration to manage the database of mine victims and unexploded ordnance
1414 2023.03.18 More than 90% of medical facilities keep working in the war-affected regions
1415 2023.03.17 Return of deported children is one of President Zelensky’s priorities
1416 2023.03.17 International Criminal Court issues arrest warrant for putin
1417 2023.03.17 A year of work of the National Information Bureau
1418 2023.03.17 Iryna Vereshchuk helds a meeting with regional coordinators on missing persons
1419 2023.03.16 How to support a child whose parents are at the front?
1420 2023.03.16 A program of assistance for the development of own business for citizens from low-income families is launched
1421 2023.03.16 Government launches a unified platform to help Ukrainians rescued from war
1422 2023.03.15 Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk visits psychosocial assistance center in Bucha
1423 2023.03.15 For deportation, the occupiers lure children from TOT to the territory of the Russian Federation for “rest” or “treatment”
1424 2023.03.15 The Ministry of Reintegration continues state payments to those released from captivity and families of prisoners
1425 2023.03.14 Return of deported children is a top priority
1426 2023.03.14 The Government has expanded the list of priority expenditures under martial law
1427 2023.03.14 The Ministry of Reintegration identifies priority areas of anti-corruption activity for 2023-2025
1428 2023.03.14 International Criminal Court to hold Russia accountable for genocide and abduction of Ukrainian children
1429 2023.03.13 Residents of liberated territories help to speed up search for missing persons
1430 2023.03.13 Evacuation with children: what parents should keep in mind
1431 2023.03.12 How not to fall victim to fake information
1432 2023.03.12 Swedish-Ukrainian project to help restore administrative services in 5 regions of Ukraine
1433 2023.03.12 Grant programs for organizations working with IDPs continue running
1434 2023.03.12 Free evacuation trains continue to run from dangerous regions
1435 2023.03.11 Affordable Medicines Program: how to find out which medicines are completely free of charge
1436 2023.03.11 The Government allocates additional subventions to communities hosting IDPs
1437 2023.03.10 The occupiers keep trying in vain to increase their influence on the TOT
1438 2023.03.10 Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk appointed Head of the Coordination Headquarters for the Protection of Children’s Rights under Martial Law
1439 2023.03.10 The Government improves the procedure for forming the list of territories where military operations are (were) conducted or temporarily occupied
1440 2023.03.10 Reconstruction of the liberated territories of Mykolaiv region continues
1441 2023.03.06 Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine calls for support for Ukraine: “Weapons from Korea will not be used to attack russian territory”
1442 2023.03.05 A new automobile checkpoint opened on the Ukrainian-Romanian border
1443 2023.03.05 The creation of the National Corpus of the Crimean Tatar Language continues
1444 2023.03.05 Ukraine is among the 20 most influential countries in the world according to the influence rating
1445 2023.03.04 During the year of full-scale war, 800 companies relocate to Ukraine
1446 2023.03.04 In February, the Ministry of Reintegration transferred UAH 13.4 million to help IDPs evacuated by train
1447 2023.03.03 What state financial assistance are prisoners and their families entitled to?
1448 2023.03.03 Payments of state aid to evacuees from the DOT to be improved
1449 2023.03.03 IDPs can receive cash assistance from the Norwegian Council
1450 2023.03.03 Religious leaders continue to support families of missing persons
1451 2023.03.03 Ukraine returns bodies of 17 more fallen defenders
1452 2023.03.03 “We want Crimea to return to the borders of 1991, only then we can talk about peace” – interview with Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Iryna Vereshchuk to one of the most influential Italian media La Stampa
1453 2023.03.03 Iryna Vereshchuk: The government must take responsibility for the safety of children in the areas of hostilities!
1454 2023.03.02 How to receive a Ukrainian passport in Ukraine?
1455 2023.03.02 Mandatory evacuation of children and people with limited mobility announced in Kupyansk district
1456 2023.03.02 Due to constant shelling in Kherson, the Ukrainian Red Cross switches to address delivery of humanitarian aid
1457 2023.03.02 In February, the hotlines of the Ministry of Reintegration received more than 60 thousand appeals
1458 2023.03.02 Applicants from TOT to be able to pass all stages of the admission campaign remotely
1459 2023.03.01 The Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine tells how to manage a country at war
1460 2023.03.01 Rehabilitation of war-affected Ukrainians to become faster – the process to be digitalized
1461 2023.02.28 Amendments to the list of territories where military operations are (were) conducted or temporarily occupied were approved
1462 2023.02.28 Employ internally displaced persons!
1463 2023.02.27 How to apply for a pension if you temporarily reside in Poland?
1464 2023.02.27 How to transfer pension payments granted in Ukraine to Poland?
1465 2023.02.27 Western air defense weapons to protect women and children
1466 2023.02.26 Crimean resistance
1467 2023.02.25 The Ministry of Reintegration continues to transfer funds for payments to those released from captivity
1468 2023.02.25 Nova Poshta helps re-locate war-affected businesses
1469 2023.02.25 Reconstruction of the liberated territories of Kharkiv region continues
1470 2023.02.25 New IDP Strategy to be adopted soon
1471 2023.02.24 Parliament Supports Draft Law on Simplifying Registration of Residence of Displaced Children
1472 2023.02.23 Strategy for the formation of a personnel reserve for the reintegration of Crimea to be presented by mid-March
1473 2023.02.23 The Ministry of Reintegration initiates the creation of a Unified Register of Kremlin prisoners
1474 2023.02.23 ECHR merges two cases of Ukraine against Russia into one large proceeding
1475 2023.02.22 On the eve of the Day of Resistance to the Occupation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol – an exclusive interview with a Crimean activist
1476 2023.02.22 The Government proposes to simplify the terms of repayment of certain consumer loans for IDPs and people living in the war-affected areas
1477 2023.02.22 Employment of IDPs to be among the government’s priorities in 2023
1478 2023.02.21 Over UAH 277 million in financial aid paid to residents of the liberated territories in six months
1479 2023.02.21 Assistance to Ukraine is an investment by the West in their own security
1480 2023.02.21 Online dictation in Crimean Tatar on the occasion of the Mother Language Day: how to participate
1481 2023.02.20 Employment is the best tool for integrating IDPs into hosting communities
1482 2023.02.20 The rhetoric of our partners appeals to Ukrainians, it has become clearer and firmer
1483 2023.02.20 Today Ukrainians honour the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred
1484 2023.02.19 International and volunteer organizations support neuropsychiatric and geriatric institutions in Ukraine
1485 2023.02.19 Communities should focus on integration and employment of IDPs
1486 2023.02.19 Today is the Day of the State Coat of Arms of Ukraine
1487 2023.02.18 Amendments to the list of territories where military operations are (were) conducted or temporarily occupied approved
1488 2023.02.18 The team of the Ministry of Reintegration visit Lutsk geriatric boarding house
1489 2023.02.18 MinRegintegration team visits Volyn and Rivne regions
1490 2023.02.17 A specially created working group to work on the algorithm for the return of public and private property after the de-occupation of Crimea
1491 2023.02.17 Ministry of Reintegration initiates audit of lists of civilian hostages in Russian captivity
1492 2023.02.17 Iryna Vereshchuk: The new Strategy of the State Policy on Internal Displacement is based on people!
1493 2023.02.17 By caring for Ukrainians abroad, we maintain their connection with Ukraine
1494 2023.02.16 The draft Strategy on Internal Displacement includes new instruments of state support
1495 2023.02.16 9 political prisoners receive scholarships named after Levko Lukyanenko in February
1496 2023.02.16 The demand for a fair decision on the Crimean collaborators is very high
1497 2023.02.15 Crowds of people in the streets of Kherson are unacceptable
1498 2023.02.15 The personnel reserve of Crimea to include patriotic and professional people
1499 2023.02.14 We hear and react: Ministry of Social Policy, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Reintegration
1500 2023.02.14 The Government has decided on the procedure for using the funds of the Fund for Elimination of the Consequences of Armed Aggression
1501 2023.02.13 How to properly record the destruction of housing in order to apply for compensation?
1502 2023.02.12 Nova Poshta opens its first branch in Lithuania
1503 2023.02.12 Information security: recommendations for relatives of prisoners and the media
1504 2023.02.11 The vast majority of residents of the liberated Mykolaiv region already have access to postal services
1505 2023.02.11 Somebody demands money to return the body of the fallen defender – report scammers to the National Police
1506 2023.02.11 How to correctly turn on household appliances once the power is back on
1507 2023.02.11 Mine safety: what residents of the de-occupied territories should know
1508 2023.02.11 The Ministry of Reintegration reports on its work in 2022
1509 2023.02.11 In January, more than UAH 6.2 billion was allocated to pay assistance to internally displaced persons
1510 2023.02.10 Psychological recovery of citizens is a step towards the restoration of the entire country
1511 2023.02.10 The colonizers of Crimea are getting nervous
1512 2023.02.10 Ukraine returns bodies of 61 fallen defenders
1513 2023.02.10 Iryna Vereshchuk: De-occupation of Crimea will be discussed in the spring during an international event with the participation of NATO member states
1514 2023.02.07 Iryna Vereshchuk: We should unify approaches to supporting Ukrainians abroad
1515 2023.02.07 Our contribution to victory is our unity, trust and respect for each other
1516 2023.02.07 Applications for the government program “Grant for Your Own Business” are being accepted
1517 2023.02.07 Report missing Ukrainians as a result of the earthquake in Turkey to the hotlines of the Ombudsman’s Office
1518 2023.02.06 Where to get advice on obtaining an IDP certificate: southern regions
1519 2023.02.06 The task of the Ministry of Reintegration for 2023 is the integration of internally displaced persons
1520 2023.02.04 The team of the Ministry of Reintegration inspects the Coordination Center for IDPs in Lviv
1521 2023.02.04 Iryna Vereshchuk: Special children need special care
1522 2023.02.04 In January, the Ministry of Reintegration transferred UAH 11.9 million in state aid to IDPs who used evacuation trains
1523 2023.02.04 Big exchange: 116 more Ukrainian defenders released from captivity
1524 2023.02.04 MinRe team visits Lviv and Ternopil regions
1525 2023.02.03 The alliance of Ukraine, Poland, the Baltic States and the United Kingdom is the Kremlin’s nightmare. And it will come true!
1526 2023.02.03 There is no new wave of refugees from Ukraine in Europe – Iryna Vereshchuk tells how the Government controls the situation
1527 2023.02.02 Swiss manufacturer of demining machines to help clear de-occupied territories of explosive ordnance
1528 2023.02.02 In 2023, the Ministry of Reintegration to help Ukrainians abroad
1529 2023.02.02 Another stationary citizen service center opened for Ukrainians in Poland
1530 2023.02.02 Presidential Decree introduces personal sanctions against Russians involved in the deportation of Ukrainian children
1531 2023.01.27 The Ministry of Reintegration, together with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, has developed instructions on how to watch Ukrainian TV in the temporarily occupied Crimea
1532 2023.01.26 Ukrainian Armed Forces are close. What will happen to Crimea after returning to Ukraine: interview with Deputy Minister of Reintegration Anatoliy Stelmakh
1533 2023.01.19 A little care gives a lot of hope
1534 2022.11.28 “We are sure that everything will work out, because we are unbreakable,” – Dmytro Bidyuk and Yuriy Tustanovsky from Sumy
1535 2022.11.20 “Thanks to our strength, we are capable of anything,” Olena Ziniova, Kherson
1536 2022.11.10 “Together we will overcome all difficulties!” – Roman Kozumlyak, Kyiv
1537 2022.10.30 “We work for the peace of our people!” – Vladyslav Kyslykh and Dmytro Demianenko, Zaporizhzhia region
1538 2022.10.25 How IDPs can change their place of residence
1539 2022.10.23 “We will return to rebuild our city by the sea,” Anhelina Teslenko, Mariupol
1540 2022.10.20 “We believe in our business and our city,” Andrii and Kateryna Нudimovs, Kharkiv
1541 2022.10.16 “It’s not time to relax. We have not won yet,” Anastasia Bytko and Yulia Didkivska, Kyiv
1542 2022.09.26 “Don’t fall back!” – Diana Maksymenko, Avdiivka
1543 2022.09.20 “‘Build muscles – build the Armed Forces!” – Stanislav Kulesh, a coach from Sievierodonetsk
1544 2022.09.17 “The main thing is to take the first step! It will be easier from there,” Oleksandr Moroz, Sloviansk
1545 2022.09.15 “The main thing is not to be afraid. And believe in our Victory!” – Oleksiy Korzh, Mariupol
1546 2022.09.12 “Evacuation is not the end of life, but the beginning of a new episode,” Victoria Kulakova, Nova Kakhovka
1547 2022.09.08 “I really want to believe that my clothes keep our soldiers warm and protected!” – Victoria Karpova, Pokrovsk
1548 2022.09.01 Fabrics, first aid kits and flags – changes and traditions of a Kharkiv relocated enterprise
1549 2022.08.30 From Life Bud to Life Box: the story of a displaced company from Kharkiv
1550 2022.08.27 Oleh Kotenko: Ministry of Reintegration manages to return more than 500 fallen defenders
1551 2022.08.26 “I am proud to be from Chornobaivka! I will definitely return there”, – Olena Kostiukova, Kherson region
1552 2022.08.20 “I want to continue living and bringing people some beauty!” – Tetiana Kornienko, Mariupol
1553 2022.08.19 “22 years of work – and it’s no good to lose it just like that,” Ruslan Sadovskyi, Kharkiv
1554 2022.08.15 “We have carry on living!” – Oksana Dubyk, Mariupol
1555 2022.04.22 Iryna Vereshchuk: russians use civilians for pressure and do not release from “Azovstal”
1556 2022.04.22 Iryna Vereshchuk: There will be no humanitarian corridors on April 22 – it is dangerous
1557 2022.04.21 Iryna Vereshchuk: we will not stop trying to pull out Mariupol residents!
1558 2022.04.21 Iryna Vereshchuk: Another exchange of prisoners took place – 19 Ukrainians are on their way home
1559 2022.04.21 Some die at war, and some make profit of it: how not to get hooked on swindlers in wartime
1560 2022.04.21 Iryna Vereshchuk: We demand from russians an urgent humanitarian corridor from the “Azovstal” factory in Mariupol!
1561 2022.04.21 Iryna Vereshchuk: we are continuing evacuation from Mariupol and working on the corridor from Kherson region
1562 2022.04.20 Iryna Vereshchuk: We will fight for every Mariupol resident!
1563 2022.04.20 Iryna Vereshchuk: Russians take out tens of thousands of our women and children to depressed regions of Russia
1564 2022.04.20 Iryna Vereshchuk: Today we focused our efforts on the humanitarian corridor from Mariupol
1565 2022.04.19 Iryna Vereshchuk: We are very disturbed about the fate of our children deported to russia by the occupiers
1566 2022.04.19 There are almost 300,000 civilians that have already been evacuated through humanitarian corridors
1567 2022.04.19 Iryna Vereshchuk: 76 Ukrainians are returning home today
1568 2022.04.19 Iryna Vereshchuk: there will be no humanitarian corridors today, we continue negotiations on their opening in some areas
1569 2022.04.18 Iryna Vereshchuk: about 1,000 Ukrainian civilians are being held hostage by the occupiers. Each second of them is a woman
1570 2022.04.18 Iryna Vereshchuk addressed the military-political leadership of the Russian Federation regarding Mariupol
1571 2022.04.17 Iryna Vereshchuk: “As of April 17, we are not opening humanitarian corridors, but we are doing all our best to make it work as soon as possible”
1572 2022.04.16 Iryna Vereshchuk: As of April 16, almost 1,500 Ukrainians were evacuated
1573 2022.04.16 Iryna Vereshchuk: There should be strict responsibility for kidnapping, which Russia does
1574 2022.04.16 Iryna Vereshchuk – on the agreed humanitarian corridors as of April 16
1575 2022.04.15 Iryna Vereshchuk: “9 humanitarian corridors have been agreed on April 15”
1576 2022.04.14 Iryna Vereshchuk: Only by uniting, Ukraine, Europe and the United States can stop putin
1577 2022.04.14 Iryna Vereshchuk: “2,557 people have been evacuated on April 14”
1578 2022.04.14 Iryna Vereshchuk: “Today 30 of our citizens are going home”
1579 2022.04.14 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has issued a statement on the threat of illegal affiliation of Ukrainian children by Russian citizens
1580 2022.04.14 Iryna Vereshchuk: 9 humanitarian corridors have been agreed on April 14
1581 2022.04.13 Iryna Vereshchuk: “We are doing all our best to reopen humanitarian corridors as soon as possible”
1582 2022.04.12 Iryna Vereshchuk: “As a result of the work of humanitarian corridors on April 12, there are 2,671 people that have been evacuated”
1583 2022.04.12 Iryna Vereshchuk: “9 humanitarian corridors were agreed on April 12, 2022”
1584 2022.04.11 Iryna Vereshchuk: “4,354 people have been evacuated on April 11”
1585 2022.04.11 Iryna Vereshchuk: Putin will not stop – now an embargo on Russian oil and gas is necesarry
1586 2022.04.11 Iryna Vereshchuk – about the plans of humanitarian corridors as of April 11
1587 2022.04.10 Iryna Vereshchuk: “As of April 10 2,824 people were evacuated»
1588 2022.04.10 ІIryna Vereshchuk: On April 10, 9 humanitarian corridors have been agreed
1589 2022.04.09 Iryna Vereshchuk – on the results of the work of humanitarian corridors on April 9: 4,532 people were evacuated
1590 2022.04.09 Iryna Vereshchuk: “On April 9, 2022, 10 humanitarian corridors were agreed”
1591 2022.04.09 Iryna Vereshchuk: “6,665 citizens were evacuated on April 8”
1592 2022.04.08 The evil will be punished – say “YES!” To the new Nuremberg process over Putin
1593 2022.04.08 The occupiers stole buses and trucks with humanitarian aid on their way to Melitopol
1594 2022.04.08 Iryna Vereshchuk: 10 humanitarian corridors have been agreed on April, 8
1595 2022.04.07 Iryna Vereshchuk: “As a result of the work of humanitarian corridors on April 7 – 4,676 people were evacuated”
1596 2022.04.07 Iryna Vereshchuk: “Ukraine has become one of the most mined countries”
1597 2022.04.07 Iryna Vereshchuk: “Occupiers in Mariupol use mobile crematorias to hide the scale of crimes”
1598 2022.04.07 Iryna Vereshchuk: “The most vulnerable categories of citizens will receive assistance”
1599 2022.04.07 Iryna Vereshchuk: “10 humanitarian corridors have been agreed on April 7”
1600 2022.04.06 Iryna Vereshchuk: 4,892 people were evacuated during April 6
1601 2022.04.06 Iryna Vereshchuk: The Red Cross has seen in its own experience what russia’s promises mean
1602 2022.04.06 Iryna Vereshchuk: We will seek the release of all Ukrainian hostages
1603 2022.04.06 The Ministry of Reintegration together with partners delivered humanitarian aid to the liberated villages of Ivankyv and Sukachy
1604 2022.04.05 Iryna Vereshchuk: “Russia will pay for everything! – calculations have already begun“
1605 2022.04.05 Iryna Vereshchuk: “3,846 people were evacuated on April 5”
1606 2022.04.05 Iryna Vereshchuk: “The world must recognize the genocide of russians against the Ukrainian civilian citizens”
1607 2022.04.04 Iryna Vereshchuk: 3,376 people were evacuated on April 4
1608 2022.04.04 The Ministry of Reintegration continues to coordinate humanitarian aid: 11 humanitarian cargoes have been delivered to 7 regions of Ukraine
1609 2022.04.04 Iryna Vereshchuk: “International humanitarian aid – thousands of tons of medicines and food – comes constantly!”
1610 2022.04.04 Iryna Vereshchuk: If Europe does not react to the genocide in Ukraine, Europe will become its accomplice
1611 2022.04.04 Iryna Vereshchuk: evacuation of Mariupol residents and cities of Luhansk region will continue on April 4
1612 2022.04.04 Iryna Verushchk: “7 humanitarian corridors will work on April 5”
1613 2022.04.03 Iryna Vereshchuk: almost 2.7 thousand people were evacuated on April 3
1614 2022.04.03 Iryna Vereshchuk: “Russians do not admit that they are holding several hundred Ukrainian civilian prisoners”
1615 2022.04.03 Iryna Vereshchuk: «Official humanitarian corridors are a real possibility of salvation. Others are a trap»
1616 2022.04.03 Iryna Vereshchuk: “11 mayors of local communities are being held captured the occupiers – we are fighting for their liberation”
1617 2022.04.03 Iryna Vereshchuk – about humanitarian corridors on April 3
1618 2022.04.02 Iryna Vereshchuk: today more than 4.2 thousand citizens have been evacuated through humanitarian corridors
1619 2022.04.01 Iryna VERESHCHUK: On April 1, more than 6,000 people were evacuated
1620 2022.04.01 Iryna Vereshchuk – to the people of Mariupol: “We will shooting our way out every day – until you get a chance to leave the city!”
1621 2022.04.01 The Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk: 9 humanitarian corridors have been opened as of April 1
1622 2022.03.31 Iryna Vereshchuk: “Almost 1,500 people were evacuated with three humanitarian corridors today”
1623 2022.03.31 Iryna Vereshchuk: “Cooperation with the Red Cross must be constructive and effective!”
1624 2022.03.31 Iryna Vereshchuk: “Our mission is to save those who are trying to escape from the blocked towns and villages”
1625 2022.03.31 Iryna Vereshchuk: “Two humanitarian corridors will work today”
1626 2022.03.30 Iryna Vereshchuk: “More than 1,500 civilians reached Zaporizhzhia along the agreed three humanitarian corridors”
1627 2022.03.30 Russian munitions near Chornobyl they can detonate at any moment – UN must take immediate measures to demilitarize zone – Iryna Vereshchuk
1628 2022.03.30 Iryna Vereshchuk: “3 humanitarian corridors were agreed on March 30”
1629 2022.03.29 Iryna Vereshchuk: “Those evacuated today from Mariupol and Zaporizhia region are being assisted with help”
1630 2022.03.29 After the talks in Istanbul, there are chances to open a number of humanitarian corridors – Iryna Vereshchuk
1631 2022.03.29 Iryna Vereshchuk: “Ukraine will fight for every internally displaced person and return citizens home”
1632 2022.03.29 Iryna Vereshchuk: “Three humanitarian corridors were agreed on March 29”
1633 2022.03.28 Where to address if you are forcibly deported by the russian occupiers?
1634 2022.03.28 The occupiers of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant are threaten the whole of Europe – we demand immediate UN intervention! – Iryna Vereshchuk
1635 2022.03.27 Iryna Vereshchuk: “Two humanitarian corridors worked on March 27”
1636 2022.03.27 «On March 27, there will be two agreed humanitarian corridors» – Iryna Vereshchuk
1637 2022.03.26 Iryna Vereshchuk: “Everything our fighters need to win will cross the border without obstacles”
1638 2022.03.26 Iryna Vereshchuk: All humanitarian corridors worked today, more than 5 thousand people were evacuated
1639 2022.03.26 Iryna Vereshchuk: the number of forcibly deported Ukrainians may now reach 40,000 – we are fighting for their return
1640 2022.03.26 Let’s save world democracy, protect human Rights and freedoms! – Iryna Vereshchuk addressed the Americans
1641 2022.03.26 The war in Ukraine affects every European citizen – Iryna Vereshchuk
1642 2022.03.26 “We demand from russia the return of deported residents of Mariupol and we hope for the help of the Red Cross!” – Iryna Vereshchuk
1643 2022.03.26 On March 26, Iryna Vereshchuk announced 10 agreed humanitarian corridors
1644 2022.03.25 Iryna Vereshchuk: “We need anti-missile weapons – otherwise the war will spread to the whole of Europe!”
1645 2022.03.25 We will find everyone! – Iryna Vereshchuk about those who earn on prisoners
1646 2022.03.25 We plan to open humanitarian corridors in Chernihiv and Kherson regions – Iryna Vereshchuk
1647 2022.03.25 Iryna Vereshchuk: “10 released Ukrainian servicemen are already in Kyiv – the exchange took place through the efforts of the NIB, Security Service of Ukraine and the Red Cross”
1648 2022.03.25 Iryna Vereshchuk: “Negotiations on the exchange of prisoners are ongoing”
1649 2022.03.25 Iryna Vereshchuk: “The Supreme Pontiff promises assistance in humanitarian corridors”
1650 2022.03.25 Iryna Vereshchuk: “Taking people abroad without their consent is a crime”
1651 2022.03.25 “There will be two humanitarian corridors today” – Iryna Vereshchuk
1652 2022.03.24 Iryna Vereshchuk announced names of 14 citizens abducted by occupiers: Ukraine insists on their immediate release
1653 2022.03.24 Iryna Vereshchuk: «All 7 humanitarian corridors worked on March 24».
1654 2022.03.24 Every day, the National Information Bureau processes and records about 300 cases of information about prisoners of war and the dead, detained civilians, missing persons as a result of the russian-ukrainian war
1655 2022.03.24 Iryna Vereshchuk: «Today was the first full-fledged exchange of prisoners of war»
1656 2022.03.24 The Ministry of Reintegration continues to support the transfer of humanitarian aid to the war-affected cities
1657 2022.03.24 Iryna Vereshchuk: the Commissioner for Missing Persons will appear in Ukraine – will work closely with the NIB
1658 2022.03.24 «On March 24, 7 humanitarian corridors were agreed» – Iryna Vereshchuk
1659 2022.03.24 Unprecedented cynicism: Putin proposed a humanitarian corridor to russian territory – Irina Vereshchuk
1660 2022.03.24 «The blockade of Mariupol – a sneaky punishment of the occupiers of Mariupol residents for their refusal of russian custody» – Iryna Vereshchuk
1661 2022.03.23 Iryna Vereshchuk: ” There are 7 out of 9 humanitarian corridors have worked – the occupiers broke the silence again”
1662 2022.03.23 «Ukrainians trust the Ukrainian army the most» – said Iryna Vereshchuk
1663 2022.03.23 Iryna Vereshchuk announced the plan of work of humanitarian corridors for March, 23. There are 9 humanitarian corridors that have been agreed
1664 2022.03.22 «More than 7 thousand Mariupol residents were rescued on March, 22» – Iryna Vereshchuk
1665 2022.03.22 «Mariupol: the whole world should know the value of the words of the so-called Putin’s “peacekeepers“» – Irina Vereshchuk
1666 2022.03.22 «Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Mariupol, Kyiv region: how the evacuation in the most difficult areas is organised» – Iryna Vereshchuk
1667 2022.03.21 «Western cities risk to repeat the fate of Mariupol» – Iryna Vereshchuk
1668 2022.03.21 «Putin’s final arguments are terror and high-precision missiles» – said Irina Vereshchuk
1669 2022.03.21 «Putin’s filtration camps: everything like the nazis» – Iryna Vereshchuk
1670 2022.03.21 «Mariupol is beyond the power to the occupiers – now the enemy is resorting to manipulations»,- Iryna Vereshchuk
1671 2022.03.20 «The Russians plan to capture the humanitarian column!»- Iryna Vereshchuk
1672 2022.03.20 «The part of the residents of the Left side of Mariupol is being forcibly deported to Russia» – Mariupol City Council
1673 2022.03.19 The number of Ukrainians captured by the Russians has been revealed, and why we should not wait for the exchange until the victory – Interview with Iryna Vereshchuk for TSN
1674 2022.03.19 «The biggest catastrophe with humanitarian corridors – in the Mariupol and Kharkiv directions» – Irina Vereshchuk
1675 2022.03.18 «On March 18 – 9 humanitarian corridors were agreed» – Iryna Vereshchuk stated
1676 2022.03.17 Ukraine is establishing a National Information Bureau (NIB) in accordance with the provisions of international humanitarian law – Iryna Vereshchuk
1677 2022.03.17 «Today 8 out of 9 planned humanitarian corridors were done» – Iryna Vereshchuk stated
1678 2022.03.17 «Putin cannot break the Ukrainian army, so he is resorting to terror against civilians» – Iryna Vereshchuk stated
1679 2022.03.17 «Mariupol is being killed. No city in Ukraine is going through this» – Iryna Vereshchuk highlighted
1680 2022.03.17 «On March 17, 9 humanitarian corridors were agreed» – Iryna Vereshchuk said
1681 2022.03.16 «Russian occupiers took hostage doctors and patients of the regional clinic in Mariupol» – Irina Vereshchuk outlined
1682 2022.03.16 “The issue of organizing humanitarian corridors for the people of Izyum and Mariupol remains open”, said Iryna Vereshchuk
1683 2022.03.15 «Today we managed to save almost 29,000 people, 20,000 of them are from Mariupol» – Iryna Vereshchuk
1684 2022.03.15 «Today we managed to save almost 29,000 people, 20,000 of them are from Mariupol» – Iryna Vereshchuk
1685 2022.02.10 The Ministry for Reintegration is reporting on the work in 2022
1686 2022.01.27 Interview with Iryna Vereshchuk for Ukrinform: Housing for internally displaced persons is a priority on the reintegration agenda
1687 2022.01.10 Iryna Vereshchuk’s interview with the Skhidnyi Variant (Eastern Variant): “Without justice, it is impossible to establish sustainable peace”
1688 2021.12.10 Interview with Iryna Vereshchuk for Krym.Realii radio: “Turkey’s construction of housing for Crimean Tatars in Ukraine may start in February”
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